Saturday, January 24, 2009

Quilt progress

Today was a run around day, needed supplies, trip to library and groceries for the week, so got that all done.
My husband is only home one day now, so we run around, he cooks dinner to give me a break and then back to maine, not very fun.

Tonight I worked on a new punch. A group I am in, is doing an online craft in, this weekend. We will be doing it once a month to make items for next Christmas. We are always saying we don't have enough time and the holidays come so fast. This way we get a head start and have nice items to give as gifts next year. For my project, I am working on a punch needle piece, using Primitive Betty's snowman, that she offered as a freebie.

After I put the borders on my wall hanging, I realized I had more space, had to fill it, lol. So, I decided to make a stitched prim tree and the other became more of a vine tree. Still more space, so I added snowflakes. Then I decided it was off balance, so I added some cardinals. Tonight I sewed them and added little black wings. I guess that is enough, hehe. Tomorrow, I will add the batting and backing and do some top stitching. I do want to add small snowflake stitches, as well. This is what happens when I use someone's design, I make that and then go a little crazy;)

Dora has decided that she likes my punch frame, so even if I am not using it and there is no piece on top, it still makes a great sleeping spot.


Jacque said...

ohgeez...I forgot that was this weekend...what a doofus I am! Well, you're probably getting enough done for two, so I'll count it that way. ha! LOVE the additions you am impressed!

Karmen said...

The quilt is sooo cute! I love the birds and trees. You are uber talented. And Dora is a hoot.

kelley said...

you've done a super job with the snow lady...the flakes and the trees make it a special little quilt...and her to bits!

Miz T. said...

Your embellishments on the quilt make it yours, instead of someone elses. Patterns give us a nice base project but we should personalize them with our own touches. You made nice choices and it looks wonderful! Dora is adorable on your frame. Funny how cats like to squeeze into small spaces. Hopefully she doesn't get caught on the gripper strips like my cat sometimes does when she tries to scratch her back on it!

Joanne said...

That Dora is too funny - i'm sure she has some nice comfy rugs and couches and beds to stretch out on and sleep on but these kitties love their itsy bitsy spaces!

Your quilt is awesome - love all the extra's you added.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I love it!