Sunday, January 11, 2009

Punching with Dora

Today I decided to work on a new punch, another present for a friend.
It seems that whenever I put the frame on my lap, it is a sign for Dora.
Now this is a punch needle frame, small and Dora is not small, but it doesn't matter, if she can squeeze into it, she will.
I have had cats who love to do this with my rug frames, but I can hook with kitties, but I cannot punch with them.
She is also persistent about staying and I literally have to tip it over to get her out and even then, she resists.

So, I got some punching done tonight, but not as much as I would have liked;)

Dora with her looks, she is very vocal with her eyes. This is the, try and get me out look. She is on my lap, so it was hard to get a shot so close.

This is after I dumped her and the frame on the couch, sideways, she is still insistent on staying put.
I finally decided to put the tunnel in the room and she and Izzy had fun with that for awhile, before she got bored and came back to harass me again.


Jacque said...

ohmygosh, Debbie...that Dora cracks me up!! She is one determined little girl, hey!!!

moosecraft said...

These pics are soooo cute!!! I know it's kinda frustrating for you because you can't get your punching done... but it is really hard not to laugh about it! LOL!

JoJo said...

Debbie, these pictures are so darn cute. I don't know how Dora does it? She gets herself into such a small space! But she sure doesn't look very comfortable, does she? I guess she just wants to be close to her Mom and if this is the way to do it, okay, she's going to do it.

primitivebettys said...

That is funny! Dora, you are a hoot! :)

Joanne said...

What a cutie pie - She certainly wants Mom's attention on her and no where else! Those pics are purrfect

WoolenSails said...

Today I am quilting and dora is in her wool space downstairs, so she is leaving me alone, haha.
But, Izzy loves my sewing room, so she is keeping me company. She isn't as obnoxious as Dora though, she is sitting quietly in my chair and watching me work.


Brenis said...

OH my gosh Debbie. That Dora is aptly named, that's for sure!! LOLOL She just cracks me up!! What a character, and such a blessing of laughter to your life!
I am LOVING the two pics of her crammed in there - sooo determined!! LOLOL Just hilarious!
Me thinks she would definitely be my favorite if she lived at my house! LOL
One of my kitties is very much the curious cat, and agressor. She loves to stick her nose down real close into my sewing machine - right by the needle going up and down! Yikes! And if i'm sitting, she has to be ON me. No room for argument with her. She'll just keep getting back up if i push her down! LOL Sounds like Dora is the same way!! Toooo fun!! Give that ornery lil girl a hug for me! Can't help but LOVE her!!! :D

Karmen said...

So darn cute!