Saturday, August 14, 2010

New punch and rug

I thought I would try a simple, smaller design this time.
It is one of Tiffany's new designs, from Primitive Blessings.
I did this one in a stitchery and decided to try it in a punch.
I just finished it, and not sure if I want to stain it.
I used two contrasting red, medici wool threads on the dress and valdani on the kitty, the rest is done with dmc floss.
Not thrilled with the way it came out, but too late to change it now;)

Then I got the idea to make a small rug to match. As you can see, I made a mess, lol.
Luckily with hooking, I can take out what I don't like and redo it. I outlined the outfit in a darker shade, but nothing matched for the inside, so I ended up using the plaid for the whole dress. I had to lighten it up, so the colors look like they pop out, but they are more dark and prim. I guess I will have to take out the border lines and use black to make the outline show better. That and fix the faces and mess ups. That is another nice thing about hooking, I can hook in details and then see what looks right or not and redo those parts.

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