Thursday, April 16, 2015


If Tears Could Build A Stairwell
If tears could build a stairwell
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say good-bye...
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow,
What it means to lose you
no one will ever know.

Our hearts are with you today and always.
May your day be filled with heavenly love and wishes from around the world.

Please join in with us as we all wish her a Happy Birthday and Blessings!

Love Mom and Dad

Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Heart is Broken

Danielle St. Germain  April 16 1985 - April 11 1915
If only I could hold my daughter for one more moment and tell her how much I love her.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rag Quilt: Change of Colors!

I needed to fill in more space on my quilt and I didn't have time to go to the store and I really didn't want to buy more fabric. I had already cut out some blue blocks and sewed some, so I added those to the center, in a random pattern. I also had faded denim already cut, as well as the backings, so I went with those and only had to cut more batting to put those together.

I got all of the rows, sewed together and laid them out on the bed, to make sure I had them in the right order. I still need to sew the rows together, but as you can see, it came in a bit on the sides and it will come in on the length, as well. So, I think I am going to have to go to the store to get some more dark denim. I really think that would make the nicest border, do you?

Another thing I learned while sewing these is that they bunch as you sew the two pieces together and I have been getting a lot of puckers at the end. I did find that putting the denim on the bottom, helps keep the puckers out, but I still got some. Having the rag pre-cut makes it hard to hold the fabric tightly as you sew, I really think I would have preferred to cut after. Now for the fun part, sewing the rows without catching the fringe, so I will have to take my time as I go along. So much for a fast project;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have been working as much as I can on my daughter's quilt and not coming out like I planned. I have learned a few things, one is never use a cutting die for a rag quilt on large quilts. The size ends up less than 7" so a lot more blocks to make one. Also, I have to cut the fabric down in blocks to cut the blocks on the cutter and do that for the front and back of the quilt, so way too much cutting and steps for something that should be quick.

I was going to use light and dark denim and a mix of the reds with blue and greens, but they didn't look right to me and I like the contrast of the dark denim with the reds. I laid them out today and have enough reds and need to make 10 more denim blocks to finish the top, but I still need more on the edge for the over hang. I am thinking of doing just the dark denim but that is a lot of blocks to cut out again. What I would really like to do is strips of denim, but not sure if I can add that to the already cut rag pieces? Has anyone ever used a go die for rag quilts and added a strip border?

This is what I was doing today, laying out the pieces to see how it looked. I won the fabric and got some yards and some half yards so I can't seem to get the red blocks to look right without getting some of the same ones, too close.

So, what do you think? Any ideas of how I can make it look better? After I do the last denims, I will sew them together, and I laid them out so they over lapped, so hopefully it will be the right size, after sewing.

I laid them on my bed, which is a queen size, as hers is, but her mattresses are taller than mine.

It was hard to get a photo since I had to stand on a chair to get this, but here is a close up so you can see a better idea of the actual colors. The denim is darker, so it really looks nice with the red bandana fabric. Her birthday is next thursday so I think I might actually get it done in time.

For the stitching, I am using a variegated denim blue thread.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A Day in the Life!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. My husband needed help getting the new tub/shower for the basement, so he had my son help him and that meant time with Nicholas for me. Of course Bean was excited to have company and spent the day, trying to herd him.

We ended the day with lunch, homemade rice and chicken that his mom makes up for him. We used the day to eat and be silly.

After we drove them home, we stopped at a local park for a short walk. This is a pond that used to be a public beach and picnic area, but now there is no swimming and they closed the campground down, years ago. Such a shame, it was a nice place to take the kids and we need another state park for camping.

There was still snow in some areas and ice on the pond.

The trail goes around the pond, so we started into the woods.

Lots of nice places to stop and enjoy the views and of course Bean had to explore every nook and cranny.

It was cold and windy, but the path narrowed and it was nice walking in the woods. The problem was, the paths got muddy, so we decided we would come back when we had more time and it was dry, then we can go around the whole pond, something I have never done.

On the home front, I have been working on the rag quilt and hopefully I can get more done in the next few days. The kitties are always finding new places to sleep and Izzy thought my easter hat and chicks made a nice pillow.

And then there is Moki and Bean. Bean has been chewing holes underneath my new couches when I wasn't looking. And Moki has decided it is the perfect kitty hideaway to sleep in.  While I was on the floor trying to get a photo of Moki, Bean decided to get in the act.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Finish and Start!

I have been promising my daughter a new quilt for her room, for a few years now, so I thought it was time and her birthday is in a few weeks. She will be 30 this year, and it seems only yesterday that I was 30, lol.

I won fabric from a giveaway by Sheri of A Quilting Life. The fabric is Soho Bandana by Amy Barickman and hosted by Indygo Junction. I wanted to make her a rag quilt and also added denim cottons to the fabrics I won. I am using the main fabrics and saving the whites for the back, as well as yardage with larger prints for matching pillows. I did get a lot of fabric!

I was given a gift certificate by a friend and bought myself a cutting die for the rag blocks and I love how it cuts easily and smoothly, and I don't have to hand cut all those little snips.

This is what I have gotten so far. I think I will start cutting some back material and the batting and start sewing to see how it goes. This will be my first, so hopefully I will not mess it up. I did read that the precuts can get caught in the edge, when sewing, so I will watch for that. Any tips on sewing the rag blocks from the accuquilt die, would be appreciated.

I am going to alternate a dark denim, then a soho block, then a washed denim. This is when I wish I had a program to try the colors out and where to put them. I do have one, but it is a mac versions and it frustrates me too much to use it;)

I also finished the new ornament for the ornament of the month. You can find the new ornament at Attic Heirlooms. They are fun to make and it will be fun to have a set at the end of the year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter and Free Stitcheries!

I can't believe how close Easter is, it sure came fast this year. I have been having fun making Easter items but I also need to get onto some quilts and summer items for me.

I made a couple of chicks and had no where to put them, so today I made them a nest. I had some old straw hats from my doll making days and thought it would make the perfect nest. I took a pair of scissors to them, cutting some chunks off and around the brim, then I cut off half of the top. I brushed antique medium onto the hat to age it a bit and let it dry. Then I added some spanish moss for the nest and some store bought eggs and you have a quick and easy display for your chicks.

This weekend I wanted to keep my hands busy but not think too much. A friend sent me a link to free patterns from Theodora Cleave and I thought it would be fun to make one. She is giving away the whole set so you can make mini quilts with some or use them all and make a full sized quilt. I am not sure yet, what I will do. Minis are nice to give as multiple gifts and a regular quilt would make a nice quilt too, so I will decide later.

This is what i have so far, I have worked on it more today. I will be adding some color, green and red with a bit of yellow and brown. I am using tea stained muslim for the background.

Today it was nicer out, so I was able to get outside to play with Bean. When I opened the door I saw a critter just coming out of the pathway and when he saw us, he ran up the tree. The poor thing was not expecting people, or a dog, so he climbed to the top and played dead, lol. Then my neighbor took his pup for a walk down the path and the poor guy just sat there, it took him 20 minutes before he realized no one else was going to come out.

I am seeing more and more critters lately, so I guess that is a sign that Spring is actually coming, albeit a bit slowly.