Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Finishes!

I received my issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects and I loved the hooked rug by Mad Hen Primitives. I decided to try it with punch needle so I reduced the design to make a pillow. I was trying to keep it toned down and similar colors, not sure if I really like how it came out, but not too bad.

My arm has been bothering me more this week, so I don't have the control I would like and it tends to make me stiffen up, so my punching gets tighter, as you can see by the various blobs of hoops that got smashed into it;)

I used two pieces of rug yarn and twisted them as I whip stitched it on. I also gave it a light coat of antique stain. It is a 6" pillow and I think it does look better in person than in a photo.

I also have plans to get out this weekend, warm weather and the leaves are turning, so we are heading up towards Massachusetts and hopefully hit the foliage. I wanted to have some rocks to hide as we travel, so I whipped up a quick batch. I do think the ghosts are fun and they are easy to make, maybe I should see if I can find some more of those shapes and make some for next weekend.

I did try a new pen, it is the same brand but it was a brush tip. I found it hard to see where I was going and it doesn't dry like the thin pen, so I couldn't clean around it without smudging it. I do like it though, for rocks it would be nice to color them in but they are not cheap, so I will stick with paint.

If you are interested in making your own rocks or other items to hide, for others to find, you can join my group on Facebook, DSmiles4miles.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I plan on enjoying the nice weather.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

We had another weekend with rain, on and off, so we were able to get out when it stopped. Last weekend my son came by and snuck off without Nick, if we ask, he gets upset and wants to go with them. This time I called and did FaceTime with Nick and asked  him if he wanted to go out with us and he was eager to go, so hopefully his fear of leaving his parents is over.

We too him to Connecticut since I wanted to get some more apples, but we decided to stop by Mohegan Park to check it out. It was a beautiful place to visit, paved walkways around the pond, treed archways and two playgrounds. Nick had a blast and loved walking and playing at the park.

We also found this rock garden on the trail, it is a Connecticut girl scout group that is participating in Kindness rocks. Nick wanted to take more, but I told him to chose the one he liked the best and he took that one that said boo. Further along we found a larger stone with pink butterflies so I let him take that home to his mom for her garden.

Of course he loved the apple orchards, especially since he got to ride in the tractor cart. We let him have his own bag and pick some apples to take home.

And some time to be silly, a fun way to end the day.

Sunday was another overcast day but I wanted to go on a foliage ride, so we headed north to the top of our state. There were a few trees turning and we enjoyed a nice view from the state park.

Next we headed into Connecticut, and I couldn't resist getting a photo of this house, they really like halloween horror. I cut the photo in two so you can see it better.

There was more on each side, it was that big. A cellar door with a creature trying to get out and on the other side a flying witch and skeleton horse with rider. 

From there we headed into Putnam, I always love to stop at the waterfalls and stroll on the river walk.
I did enhance this photo, there wasn't much color, so I made my own, it will be like that next week, lol.

We saw this little guy, sitting on a rock at the edge of the river.

A family of ducks was resting on the edges of the river.

And this fun sculpture, it is called 4 people, not a very creative name, I think Family makes more sense;)

We walked down and I got a shot of the old mill from the backside. I read that they may make them into condos, would be nice to see it restored.

It was a nice walk, but Bean had to walk on a leash, not his favorite thing, so on the way home, I saw a launch sign, which means a place to stop and play. We took a look and it was a beautiful area and I saw a beach down a path, so we took him there to play. A nice way to end the day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today was catch up on cleaning and working on my angel.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday this and that!

With the long weekend, I didn't get as much done at home and we decided to extend it one day, since the weather was so beautiful. We ended up going to Newport and enjoy the fresh air and walks in the area.

We went to one beach to let Bean play, but there were a lot more people and surfers, so we enjoyed watching them and headed back to the cliff walk. We were lucky to find a spot close to the walk entrance, even if we had to pay to park, it was worth it. Here is a view of the beach, after the walk, we rested here and had a snack lunch and I collected a lot of glass. The waves would roll in and push pebbles and glass in, then go out and come in with another batch. A lot was new, so I just took the worn pieces.

The cliff walk was nice, but it was a lot hotter than I expected, so we only went half way. I realized later that half was was 3 miles, so I guess I got a good walk in. Hard to notice how far you walk when you have views like this.

We took the scenic route back and stopped at Fort Adams. At this point I was tired and it was low tide, so Bean was able to have some fun on this beach. It was nice getting out, but it did wear me out.

Since Bill had more time off, we went shopping and found some boards for my beach room. They are aged gray, so I am leaving them as is, I like the gray and will make a nice backdrop to hang art pieces. I am not sure about the darker boards now, maybe I will white wash them, later.

I also started a punch needle. It is a design by Tonya Robey from Primitive Quilts and Projects. It is a rug design, so I reduced it for punching. I had to redo the face, my needle had a burr and I realized when I looked at the front that it was all messed up. I am still debating on the background, thinking dark blues to bring out the lighter colors?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I am hoping the rains stay away and we can get out and see some foliage.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend had on and off rain, so we didn't get out as much, but we did get out enough to enjoy the good weather. We always like to give Bean a day where he can have fun, so on Saturday we took him to Jamestown so he could play at the beaches and go for a walk.

We spent the first part at Fort Getty, where Bean had the beach to himself and I hunted for rocks, but the tide had just started going out so not many good choices. After the beach we walked along the cliff path and enjoyed the fresh air and views. In the fields there were a few thistles and the remaining butterflies were getting their fill of nectar.

We walked around the lighthouse loop and then headed to the diver's beach, another beach all to ourselves, at least for awhile. Bean made another new friend who was goofier than he was. The tide was out enough that I found a few heart rocks and pieces of glass for my collection. Someday I want to make something with multi-art techniques, with them.

That night it was foggy and I really wanted to get a photo of the moon rise. We took the chance and of course the moon was barely visible but it did pop out at times. I was able to get one decent shot of the moon over a Bridge in Newport.

On Sunday the kids came over, and it was raining, so they visited and then slipped out, while I kept Nick occupied. He will not stay if they leave, so it was time we got him over his fear. Once I told him they had to go home to get something and we were going to the beach and then taking him home, he was fine and ready to go. He enjoyed playing at Fisherman's Memorial and running around the hill top.

Even Grandpa had fun running around. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Prayers for those in California.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday Finishes!

This week I received the newest stitchery of the month, by Kathy Schmitz. I love this one, was the perfect design for my beach room and I think it will be a great gift for the beach lovers. I did mine as she did, I liked the simple pillow with the frayed edges. Of course I aged mine, I do like the primitive look.

I also made some pumpkin flat pillows. I wanted to try something I could use to hide and keep it simple, as well as easy to leave in places. I got a bit carried away with the size and they ended up more prim than I had planned, but once I start making something, I never know where it will take me. I think for the Facebook group DSmiles4miles, I will try some smaller wool ones and use the fun faces that I paint on rocks.

These are so fun, I had to place them in areas around the house.

I also made some more message hearts. These will be gifted since they are prim, but I will do more with seasonal fabrics. I always like to try things first, then I can see what I do and don't like, so I can improve on them.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was good and bad. On Saturday we stayed home, it was raining and we had to wait for my wood to come in, so Bill could work on that. Well, it did not come until 7:30 at night, so too late to use it and that didn't matter, because the wood is junk. I wanted rustic wood, but this was so rough, Bill got a splinter, picking one up. Their were 8 boards in a box, and they were all crooked, so they went back today. We will just get our own wood and do the sanding and painting, not worth the cost of finished when they did a horrible  job on the wood.

Sunday was our day to get out. The bad thing was, I was sick, a combination of fighting off the latest flu and inhaling toxic smoke. I could hardly breath and I was coughing, so I took some med and headed out for the day. The med cleared up my lungs but I am still sick, but at least I can breath a lot better.

We headed to the apple orchards in Connecticut, but our first stop was an old prison building. We always see them on the way and I wanted to get a few photos. There are several building complexes along the road, but this is the only one without fencing. It is falling apart and all the windows are broken, such a shame to let buildings like this go to waste, lots of beautiful architecture on them. Also a bit creepy.

Of course we stopped at the orchard next and I got a large bag of apples and a few pears, they weren't as good as last time. Golden delicious are Bill's favorite, so half the bag is filled with those.

Afterwards I noticed a pull over at the river and then a sign, I can't pass by a historic cemetery. We walked around and I took a few more photos, sadly a lot of the graves are sinking into the wet ground. 

Since I was feeling better, I decided to head down to Groton and enjoy the views from the beaches. On the way I saw a tall stone tower, so we took a side road and headed up to see what it was. What we found was Fort Griswold. It was the site of a battle in the Revolutionary war, involving Benedict Arnold. This is the tower that I saw, it was erected later, as a monument to the men who fought in the wars.

We walked through the gates and entered into a large depression surrounded by earthen mounds. There was a door and an opening, so we checked it out.

It was a tunnel, that led to the other side.

On the other side was the area were the men were stationed with the guns and lookouts for enemies coming up the river. The tunnel was their escape route, they could run up and through, to the area we started in, to protect them from incoming fire.

On the edge of the banks, we could enjoy the views of New London and the ferries.

Some of the buildings are still there, the old furnace, where they heated up the canon balls, so that they would burst into flame, when they hit.

And the powder house, were they stored the munitions. It was a fun place to visit and I left a rock at the gate and it was found by a wonderful family, so they posted a photo of their little boy on DSmiles4miles on Facebook. It is fun for us too, when someone posts and we get to see the smiles.

Our last stop was  Eastern Point beach, it is at the end of the Thames River, so it is a nice spot to relax and enjoy the views and of course the boats and ferries, come and go.

A fishing boat coming past the Haunted lighthouse.

And to end the journey, a funny story. Maybe not for one seagull though. I was taking photos of these two guys, fighting for some reason and the other gulls seemed to be egging them on. Just as I was readjusting my focus, the one gull threw the other one off the roof and the gull went falling down the side. It was comical, especially when the poor guy got up and walked off, the flew away, no harm done. I also left a few rocks on some ledges on the house, on the backside, rough sea areas are not good places to hide things.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I am working on finishing a few more pillows and a new stitchery of the month.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Finishes!

I actually got quite a few things done this week, some finished, some still in the works. One thing I did finish was a new batch of rocks. This will be the last for now, I really need to get back to my sewing and Christmas will be here before I know it.

I made these fun, I just love how goofy they are and I hope they put a smiles on the people who find them. On the rocks that I have enough room, I add, Smile at the next person you see. I also add the Facebook name, if they want to find out more about the group and if you are interested, you can find us at; DSmiles4miles.

I also made a few pillows to try them out. I used an old piece of quilt, that a friend gave me, so this was just for practice since the material is special to me. I think I will do some fun fall pillows, so I need to see what I have in my stash. These are easier and quicker for me to make and can be left inside, which is nice since the weather is getting cooler.

I aged these with walnut spray, I like the idea of doing hearts, but maybe I can do some pumpkin ones or candy corn, like the rocks but in fabric.

I also finished the stitching on my fall, wall hanging. The design is by Kathy Schmitz. I still have to make the quilt, hanging on the line and a border, but I may add my own touch, we shall see;)

Another thing I tried was some paint products. I thought they might make it easier for me to do small lines and spaces, but I was wrong. The pen comes out thicker than it shows on the package and the plastic liner, fits on the top of the paint, but comes out fast and wide. They may be nice for kids as an alternative to using a brush, but I think I will stick to my black artist pen.

And to show you how my day went..... This is what happened when I went to make a batch of cookies. I put them in and went downstairs to do something quick, then I noticed the stairs needed cleaning and did them and then I heard a loud beeping. I came up to see what it was and the cookie pan was on fire. I am not sure if I was gone longer than I thought or the pan caught on fire, it looked like the flames were coming from the pan only, which of course burnt the cookies to a crisp. So, I spent the day with fans on and it still smells like toxic plastic. I was able to make another batch tonight and no problems, so maybe it was the copper pans? They came from a discount store, so not really sure, but they went in the garbage.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. We have rain tomorrow and I have an order of weathered white wood coming, so we can put that up in the beach room. Then I can finally finish decorating and  using the room.