Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Finish!

This week I wanted to make another fall piece and I got the idea of using my star pattern from Buttermilk Basin with another of her appliqués from another pattern. I reduced the size of the pattern to fit the star. The fabric for the star was some old cotton that I over dyed with grungy browns but it doesn't show up too well in the photo.

It is a fun piece to make and you can see more of Stacy's designs at Buttermilk Basin, she has patterns with Christmas and fall, as well as, wool appliqué and stitchery types on stars. She also has a new free pattern on her Blog.

The American Made Contest is still running and I would love to see Stacy raise her votes. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Bill has the long weekend off, so we will be doing some exploring, so we shall see where we end up;)

This was a fun piece to make, and great for a shelf sitter. The star looks light but it is actually a grungy brown.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Buttermilk Basin Winner!

Thank you all for supporting Stacy and helping her to reach her goal. You can still help by voting every day, it only takes a few minutes and it would mean so much to her. You can also bookmark her page, so it is easier to reach each day and cast your votes. You can vote for her on the Buttermilk Basin Entry,  you do need to sign in or your votes won't count.

Stacy will also be hosting events with free designs,  this week, so make sure you visit her blog and her Facebook page.

One of the things that Stacy does is, host free BOM's and her newest one is a set of wonderful designs to make into a quilt. I finished this month's block and I love it, I think this would be fun to make into a quilt with different colored jars. You can find the free blocks on her Blog.

I used my atlas jar to do some writing on the jar, and used a light shade to look like the jar, but that didn't work out too well, think I should have just gone with black;)

And now for the winner..... Charlotte, also known as kurt Schindler, number 43. Congratulations Charlotte, please email me with your full name and address and I will pass it along to Stacy. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and comment and for all of your kind words.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Giveaway: Buttermilk Basin Patterns!

Have you heard about the American Made Contest? Martha Stewart is honoring those who have started their own business with American Made products. One woman who exemplifies this is Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin

Stacy grew up in a home with creative inspiration from her grandmother and mother, then when her dad passed away, she turned that passion into a business that has grown over the years. From her simple beginnings of sewing with her mom and selling patterns, to the exposure of online media, Stacy’s patterns are sold in stores nationwide and created by woman in every state. Who better to represent an American Made business than Buttermilk Basin!

If you would like to help Stacy realize her dream of taking a trip to New York to meet Martha and a monetary prize to help build her business, please visit Buttermilk Basin’s Entry, and cast your vote for Stacy. You can vote up to 6 times, but your vote only counts if you are signed in. It is simple to sign up, just your name and email and you can opt for mailings or not. 

Not only does Stacy share her talents with others at events and classes, she shares with all of us online with her generous giveaways and free patterns. You can find Stacy’s free patterns on her website, Buttermilk Basin; keep up with news on her blog, Buttermilk Basin Blog; or stay tuned with daily news on her Facebook Page.

Today Stacy is offering my followers a chance to win three of her fall patterns. Stacy’s designs come with full sized patterns that are easy to trace out onto freezer paper or fusible. In fact, I have never really read the instructions, I just cut out and make and most in a day, so perfect for beginners. Not only does she create wonderful designs each year, but she puts as much care into the patterns, so that we can make them ourselves, without the frustration of confusing instructions or blurry photos.

To enter the giveaway, visit Stacy’s Entry and enjoy reading her story and cast your vote. You can visit her webpage and let me know what pattern is your favorite or tell me something you read about Stacy that inspires you. Help me to help Stacy and make her dream come true.

I will pick a winner from the comments on this post, anyone can enter, open to all visitors, US and our friends Overseas and Canada. The contest is open until 9pm EST, Monday October 5 and I will announce the winner, that night. I have a few no reply commenters and I wish I could reply, I love all of your comments and you can list your email with google, but keep it private from others. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Freebie Finish and Weekend Fun!

Today I made a halloween cone from a freebie I found on the web. It is from Country Sampler and I added a link to the PDF File, since it asks you to subscribe to get it, for some reason. But, I found a direct link so you can use that and make one for yourself.

I messed up, seem to do that a lot lately, lol. I forgot to put it on the fold when I cut, so I just did a blanket stitch to sew it together. In the original, the sew line is in the back. I also added the tie and a couple of jingle bells. I had to take a photo on the floor in the kitchen so I could get better light on it.

This weekend we watched Nicholas for the day while his dad worked on their house. He played outside with grandpa and Bean and then we took him to the toy store. He used the word, Wow, a lot. I was looking for a few things so he would have toys to play with, at our house, but nothing good and we ended up going to a smaller store that carries toys and a little plastic wagon that he can use in the house. Of course he had to try out the toys in the store, I think this is, what do you mean, you aren't buying it for me, look;)

Sunday we went to the antique barn, and I was so excited when I saw a vintage tin halloween garland, then I realized, it was not for sale, errr. Since we were at the north end, we went apple picking at the orchard I went to as a child and we took our kids there. It has new owners, but the new orchard is dog friendly and Bean was in heaven. He was like a kid in a candy store, apples, people, dogs and more apples. Nothing like hundreds of round red balls on the ground to get him going.

" I think I need my own bag!"

Friday, September 25, 2015

Freebie Friday Finish!

Since I got a new computer, I don't have my old bookmarks, still trying to figure out how to transfer and the methods are not working for me, so bit by bit, I look them up and make new folders for the new computer.

One website I love to keep my eyes on is, Rusty Tin Roof. They offer a free online primitive magazine that has tips and articles and free patterns. Their fall issue is out and there are a lot of fun fall patterns, including one from Penny Lane Primitives. The pattern is for a penny rug that has cats and pumpkins and a hanging pocket. I made the hanging pocket yesterday and finished it today, so it is a simple project to do in a day, as long as you do not have an obnoxious pup trying to get you attention.

I messed it up a little bit, but it still came out nicely and a fun piece to enjoy for the fall season. I also added a little antique stain, after I took the photo.

I was playing around with Funny for my memorial photo that I do on Facebook. I did one with fall leaves to put on her page and I liked how this one came out. I think it would be a nice one to print out on photo paper and frame for the new room. I like the primitive shabby look and think it would look nice in the room.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, we will be babysitting while my son repairs a section of his house.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Finish!

Yes, I actually finished something and hopefully I can get more done this season. I had big plans for Christmas, for myself and gifts, but I know I cannot do too much without overwhelming myself, so I will do what I can and not stress myself out. I still do not know what we will do for the holidays, it is going to be hard on us this year, so maybe a day with the kids and then take off for a mini vacation.

I enjoy making gifts and gifts that have meaning and inspirational sayings. This design is by Homeberries and it was fun making it and I like how it turned out. I used added some lavender with the stuffing.

This weekend I got to enjoy some time with Nicholas, while his Dad went door shopping with Grandpa. The first thing he does is, go in my bedroom and points at the recorder, he loves to play it. I bought one to practice on and then got a wooden flute, so we play and march around the house.

He is talking a lot more but his mom also talks in her native Sabhan, so it is hard to tell if he is jabbering or talking, sometimes;) He has picked up a new saying, Oh Goodness, too cute when he says it and now he seems to be a ladies man. My son took him to a party and it seems he picked up, not one, but two and they happen to be twins.

He is loving all the attention.

And here he seems to be saying, enough photos, get me outta here! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday finishes, or not so finished!

Another slow week, we had doc appointments and it seems the week flew by. The good news is, not only have my eyes not gotten worse, but I can now drive without glasses, so I guess the lyme treatments helped my eyesight too. I do need them for close up work and reading, for some reason that got a little worse, but I can live with that.

I wanted to find a little glass cup for the candles I got in New Hampshire. They smell nice and I want those to burn in my beach room to make it smell nicer and I think it will be calming when I am down there. The room is in the basement and no matter what, there is a basement smell so keeping the room closed and scented, seems to do the trick.

I could not find a candle holder, just wanted something simple and with a beach theme. Then I spied an ugly candle  holder on the sale shelf, it was wrapped in iridescent beads and that is definitely not my style, so I took them off. The were attached with a gummy glue on the bottom and top, so it was still tacky and I was able to wrap some jute around the glass and it stayed on. Then I used a drop glue that is reusable and removable and it held the rusty heart and the rock heart. This way it is not permanent and I can change it out if I ever want to.

For now I used the yellow plate with the rocks I found today. Maybe later I can find another blue/green shell holder to match the other one I found.

While I was digging around the drawers, looking for things, I found an old paper cutting that I made. I made this over 20 years ago and never used it, not sure what to do with it. It is starting to become unglued from the backing. Maybe I could add a saying around it and use it in the new room.

I have also been working on a small pillow as a gift. I found the pattern online from homebodies, but for some reason her site is not up anymore and I cannot find her online. The pattern was made for a charity event, years ago.

I love inspirational stitcheries that I can make as gifts. I guess I will have to try and design some of my own. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I also want to ask, has anyone repurposed a butcher block table? I have an old picnic table with benches and I want to paint it in a primitive white style for the beach room. I will be using the room as a creative room, so I will use the table to paint on and work on designs, but there are about 16 coats of varnish on it and I am in no mood to sand all that off. Any ideas on how to refinish or paint it without too much trouble and still look nice?