Monday, September 1, 2014

Holiday Weekend!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. For me it means staying home and away from the crowds of people that hit the roads and the beaches to get in that last minute summer holiday. This week will be my fun week. Bill is finally taking time off so we can get out for some fun and the weather will be perfect.

I did have a fun day with my grandson. Time with him brightens up my day and he always makes me smile, he is just so happy and lovable that you can't help but be happy, along with him.

Since it was so hot, I sat him on the edge of the pool and he loved kicking his feet in the water. Last time he cried when I put him in, so we just sat and played a bit.

Then he started leaning forward and splashing his hands so we decided he was ready to go in. Of course I didn't have my suit on, so I jumped in with my clothes on, lol. He loved kicking and having me pull him around in the water.

Last week I took a photo and forgot to put it up. I have a few bunnies that visit and a couple of them stay close and know I won't hurt them. I took a photo of this little guy with my zoom and I didn't realize, until I saw the photo, that he must have escaped being coyote food. Better a piece of ear, than becoming the main course;)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Finish!

It took me all week, but I finally finished my table topper. My friend Kelley sent me the piece and I decided to make it into a Christmas mat. I added the green border, which is fabric that she sent me, as well.

The finished piece measures 26" x 17". I did the hand stitching with black pearl cotton. I antiqued it with walnut ink, that was diluted to a watery consistency in the bottle, so I could spray it on. I wanted to give it a light touch but enough to give it a slight aged look.

The colors are off, since I didn't get a photo until tonight. As you can see, it has my trademark, wonky borders;)

Here is a closer view of the borders. I did stitches around all the inner and outer edges and for the skinny border, I added a zig zag stitch and tree shapes in the larger border. Nothing fancy, but a nice project to work on at night.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend. I am looking forward to the day after, when the crowds are gone and Bill will get some days off so we can enjoy paddling at our favorite places.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Must be Monday!

Bill had to work another weekend, so no paddling this weekend. He did work a later shift yesterday so we took advantage of the extra time and nice weather and went for a bike ride.

With heavy traffic from the beach traffic, it is nice to have a bike path close to home. The path starts in a shopping plaza but runs along the back side of the old base, so a tree lined hill blocks out most of the buildings.

Past the base, it is a long stretch with coves on both sides.

This is a nice area to stop and enjoy the views.

The end of the path is worth the trip. You come out to a beach with views of the bay. I definitely plan on riding here more, during the week, during the fall months.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Finishes!

Another slow week, I spent more time thinking about what to do, so I didn't start until later in the week.  One project I started was an old topper that my friend Kelley sent me. She made the top and I added the green edge for the border and binding. I thought the piece had a Christmas look so I can use it for the holidays.

I was going to practice my machine stitching with it, but decided I needed a simple hand project to work on while I do other things. I am using pearl cotton on this one and a simple stitch in the ditch with an X in the middle for the smaller blocks. They are 1 1/2" in size. The larger block is 4 1/2" and I am doing a stitch in the ditch around the edges, then an X and in-between that I am doing a diamond shape pattern. I thought that it would be simple enough and give it a bit of a snowflake look.

The red is a darker red and the materials are a mix of cotton and brushed cotton so it has a nice look on it's own, which means I won't be antiquing it. But you never know with me;)

 Another project I started is a Christmas piece called "Hand the Stockings", by Joann Mullay. My friend Karen has gifted me with her older patterns and I love using them, fun and quick to do. I have all the pieces ready to place and sew.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Indigo Blue Table Mat!

I finished my table mat this weekend and love how it looks on the table. We got a slate blue couch and just having something that matches, really warms the area up. The table is really an old cupboard top that had a stained glass front, but that got broken and now it is used as a table top with shelves to put my things.

This is the top, as is. I had to wash it to get rid of the chalk marks, yellow is not easy to get out. It shrank up and warped a bit, but fits the spot perfectly. The mat measures 23 1/2" x 13".  I stuck the candle on top so you could see the colors. I have a reproduction pencil box that sits there and holds my scissors and other items.

I decided it was too white and bright, so it got a walnut ink wash. I dried it in the sun and it got spotty, so I rinsed it down a bit and resprayed, then dried it in the dryer and now it has just the right aged look. The extra washing and drying, warped it more, but is is laying flat now, on the table.

Here is a close up of the staining and my stitching. I used DMC floss, 2 strands of #612. A great color for when you want a lighter, primitive shade.

I also decided my rooster was too light, I do like my darker prim look. I used walnut on the main colors and then tried java ink on the orange, but it muddied it on the outer edges of the tail, but it does look old now. Now I have to decide how I want to finish it. Today the summer UFO's went in a box, they will have to wait till late winter. Now it is time to get going on Christmas, I am hoping to have projects finished in time, this year;)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Finish and Paddle Day!

This week I started two projects and finished one, well ….. almost. I made a punch needle from the latest issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects from a rug design by Tonya Robey. I think it will make a nice piece for the kitchen and I am thinking that I can make something with hangers and than attach it to that with double sided tape and change it out with the seasons.

I used scrap floss from my box and some of it was over dyed. I am not sure on the green and orange shades, but I still have to antique it and I think that should tone it down and give it the look I want. This way, I will stain it first and if I don't like how it comes out, I can still take that part out and redo it.

On the original design, there are flowers on the other side, as well. I did this with 6 strands of floss and a #2 height.

Bill was on a trip and came home this week, but they are still busy at work, so he is working around the clock. The good thing is they have him coming in later, so we were able to get out today and go for a paddle.

The tide was higher than usual so we could paddle all over the harbor without worrying about shallow areas. The birds lost their usual hangouts so they were all over the buoys and boats. I hate to be the owner of this boat, he is going to have a mess to clean up when he goes out this weekend.

It was a bit warm for paddling in the coves, and I wanted to enjoy the breezes so we headed out to the bay. The water was so high, you could paddle over the rocks. The birds didn't have many places to sit today. Usually this area has a line of rocks from the opening all the way to the lighthouse.

Some of the birds found a new place to hang out for the day.

We paddled further out in the bay since the boat traffic was light today. It was so nice to be out on the water and the fresh air was rejuvenating.

To finish the day, we went into the town harbor. This is the old bridge, leading out of town. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hopefully I will finish both of my projects this weekend.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Musings!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had beautiful weather but Bill is away, which means no one to carry the kayaks;) I was sick most of the week, so I couldn't do much anyways, but finally starting to get back to "my" normal again.

I forgot to show you a photo of the penny back so you could see how I attached them. I did the pennies first, then I lay them on a piece of ticking in a triangle pattern. Once I had them in the layout, I used a washable marker and made dots in the middle of the areas where the pennies lay, on the outside. Then I took my ruler and connected the dots. You can also make it larger by making it more on the outside of the pennies or a complete triangle back that you can lay your pennies on, it is up to you.

You can see the staining better, in this photo. I wanted the backing to be dark enough so that it blended with the pennies.

I also volunteered to babysit, not like my son had to twist my arm;) We had lots of fun together and he was being quite the ham, but it wore me out.

He seems to know what a camera is and loves to pose and be cute.

We spent some time outside. I found a great way to keep him still so I could rest, put him on the grass. He seems to have an aversion to grass, he just sits and plays in one spot, and of course, more silliness.

Then he started making this strange face and scrunching up his eyes, no idea what he is thinking when he does that, but our laughing seemed to be good reason, to do it over and over. Today I started two new projects, so I can work on the punch during the day and stitching at night, so I will be able to finish both by friday.