Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday finishes!

This week I found a free pattern and of course I had to try it. It is a design by a site called Imanufatti. It is in a foreign language, but her instructions and pattern are easy to follow. She has a lot of other tutorials, I will have to check out the rest of her blog when I have a chance.

These would be fun to make up for bowl fillers, to give away or the kids. I made a couple up in a day. I also took the pattern and made it into one shape, instead of separate ears and tail. I was thinking of doing a few more for the boys with a little heart, instead of flowers.

I used a piece of old felt that I had over dyed with yellow. It has a nice mottled and fluffy feel, since I washed it a few times.

I also finished 8 more blocks for my Christmas stocking quilt. If I add three more to the side, it measures 35" x 54". I will pick three new colors for variety and then sew them together. That way I can see how the size fits and how much more I need to add. I don't plan on making a border, just a regular binding on this one. I want it to hang over a rail or couch and still be used, so big enough to be a large lap quilt.

This is such a fun quilt to do, great way to use up scraps and it works up quickly. I am still debating on wether to machine or hand quilt it. Something simple and maybe a good project to take camping, I find hand quilting, very relaxing.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend. Bill has to work again and it is going to be cold, so I am hoping my crackle comes in tomorrow and I can finish my angel painting.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday Finishes!

This weekend I was stuck at home, so I got a few things done. I also worked on my angel painting, but for some reason the crackle I got, did not work. I ordered some of the crackle that is used in the tutorial, so hopefully I can fix the mess I made.

I also wanted to make some little boy bunnies. I could not find my old pattern, so I used a photo that I had of my wall quilt and remade it into a drawing. The design is adapted from Twigs and Sprigs. I used fabric markers on this one, so I will tell you how each one worked.

For the yellow and red colors, I used Tee Juice. I didn't realize how small the tips were, so it took longer to cover the areas. It went on  nicely and I liked the look, but it ran when I had to wet the piece to get rid of the blue marks. The purple, green and pink were tulip fabric markers. I did not like them. They went on roughly and seemed more dry, especially the green, so I would not buy those again. They also run. I think I will stick to my Faber Castell markers. They cost more, but they dry fast, can be washed and are archival.

I made them for the boys, for fun, so I am sure they won't mind if they are not perfect.

Another project I worked on was, my cubby base. Bill made it for me, it is a bit bigger and heavier than I needed, but it will do and has an extra area to store more art supplies. To stain the piece, I used Varathane weathered wood accelerator. I love how it works. I got a quart and only used half. All you do is brush it on, and it ages the wood. The color depends on the wood type, but it usually grays them and it is the perfect shade to go with the top cubby, that I bought. It is watery so you need an area you can work on, I used large sheets of painters paper under my piece. You can use a cheap brush and the Verathane is cheaper than other stains, so a good deal to get that weathered look.

I put some paints in the cubby, have more to store. I also found the two green bottles today, so I stored my glass in those.

I hope everyone is able to stay out of the storm heading our way tomorrow, looks like we are due for a bad one. I was able to get out this morning and find a nice batch of glass from the dog beach. I knew there would be more with the storms and it was nice to get out in the fresh air, for a little while.

The flash messed up the colors. The two pieces are a medium, dark gray and the white crates are antiqued so not as white, as they appear.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Finish and Works!

This week Kathy Schmitz gave us an extra, free pattern for those who are in the club. She had made it up for the club and realized we would like to make it now. It was a fun pattern and worked up in a day, I think I might make more. Actually I wanted to make a boy bunny and she gave me permission to redo it as a boy, but I found one of my old patterns and made a couple to work on this weekend. I think it will be fun to make little cut out bunnies for the boys.

Not thrilled with my finish, so I may do two more, a boy and a girl in the method she used, as bowl fillers or shelf sitters. I used my Faber Castell art marker for the yellow and for the pink, I used my watercolor pencil. I was worried about it running, but I just dabbed my brush in the water, then dabbed it on a paper towel and it blended the color without going out of the lines.

I also made up some more stocking blocks. They are fun to do and I know I can actually put this together and finish it, so a good project to get me back into quilting. I am not sure on the middle stocking, maybe too bright, it is a gray check and my sewing skills were lacking this week;)

And I have been playing with my beach finds. I like trying them on different backgrounds and taking a photo to see how I like it. This way I can keep playing, until I get the look I want. I do like how it looks on the patterned paper, but I think the blue is too dark, so I will have to look for some lighter barn wood papers.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We have nice weather and of course Bill has to work over time, so no beach combing. I think I need a break and it will be nice to relax and work on my projects. The angel and dog wings are brown sea glass, that we found last weekend.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekend finish and collecting!

I always love the first of the month, a new stitchery design from Kathy Schmitz and BOM's. I have been collecting some, but don't really have the time to do them all.

I have bags of lavender and decided it was time to make a couple of sachets to put in my wool boxes. I have some in already and when I open the wool it smells fresh, in the ones without, it is a bit musty smelling. I think lavender is the best for keeping the moths away and for the smell.

This is the design for this month, I kept it as is and simple, since they are going into boxes and won't be seen. They also worked up quickly, I actually finished the first and did the other and sewed them up after dinner.

This weekend was still a bit windy and on Saturday a chance of showers. I wasn't going to let that stop me, it was low tide and after a storm, the best time to beach comb. The bad thing was, it did rain for short periods, the wind was blowing us around and the tide was higher than usual, so I couldn't get to the rocks at the edge, without getting my feet drenched.

I did find some nice glass though, and lots of small rocks to play with. On Sunday we went for a ride and decided to walk along another beach. I found the perfect beach for small pebble rocks. The shoreline has several steep drop offs, so when the tide is out, there are piles of rocks, so I will definitely go back when it is warmer and I can pick through them better. I also found some small pieces of glass.

The first photo, upper left, has the small rocks and glass, as well as shells, I found on the second beach. The rocks to the right are from the first beach and below left is the glass I found on that beach, after the storm. Then I made up some small things for fun, to show you what you can do with them. Now I need to sit down and come up with some fun pictures to make with them.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Finish!

I hope everyone is safe and warm at home, with the weather that is hitting the east coast. We have horrible winds, my grill went flying across the porch and later I saw our wheelbarrow go up and over, so a good day to stay in. I decided to post early, just in case the power goes out, so far, so good.

With the nicer weather, I decided it was time to start painting rocks. I love leaving a few when we go out for walks. This time I made some simple bunnies. I like doing designs that make people smile and I am hoping, these will do the trick. I don't have as much control with my arm, but I didn't do too bad with that and my blurry vision, lol. If you would like to join in on leaving rocks or art items for others to find and spread the smiles, you can visit my group on Facebook, DSmiles4miles.

It doesn't have to be items that you leave anonymously, you can also bring smiles to those in nursing homes or hospitals with a gift of time.

We did have some wonderful weather this week, perfect for getting out to the local beaches and beach combing. The first day I found the most, I guess no one has been on the dog beach all winter.The large green piece on the bottom is the bottom part of a bottle bottom, our biggest find yet.

Of course Bean loved getting out and he even found a new friend. Someone as hyper as he is.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Pebble Art for Nick!

Saturday we had a beautiful day to get out and comb the beach. The tide was out, so I was able to get a lot more glass and rocks for my collection. The bad thing was, the tide was coming back in, so I had to run out and grab before a wave came in and hit me. Another bad thing was, Bill went one way with Bean but wasn't paying attention and Bean came back to me for play.

Try bending over to grab rocks and glass, while holding onto a dog collar, every time someone came too close, not fun and it didn't help that Bill had the leash with him. I did luck out though and found some nice big chunks of sea glass, as well as smaller pieces to use in art.

I tried some shapes with what I had found, just some ideas to see what you can do with them.

Sunday was a rainy day, so a good day to stock up on supplies with coupons. I found these rustic pails to use for storing my rocks, that way I can have small, medium and larger ones, separated. Bill made me a base for my cubbies, but, I saw it and it is huge and too wide. After a while, he says, oh, I closed the wrong end, that's why it is too big, duh. So, he took off the siding and is redoing it, so it fits right.

I also bought a bag of black stones. I thought they might be fun to use since they were flat and smooth, but only half of them are, the rest are round and fat. But, I payed a few dollars with a coupon, so worth it to have the good ones. It was a good way to practice and see how it worked.

I got some mini canvases, this one is 5" x 3 1/2". I colored in the background, but watercolor pencils didn't work too good and since they are cheap canvases, I couldn't wet it as much, without ruining it. I think I like the plain white ones better, at least until I can make better backgrounds. I used tacky glue which was also a pain, especially with small pebbles, but it holds nicely. I penned in the seagulls and added jute for an edge. I decided this is Nick's piece; it represents all of us at the beach.

It was fun to try and get some practice with store stones, before I use my good ones. This one is a bit too much in a small space, I do like the simpler ones and will save more detail for larger canvas. I need to find a tiny pebble for Bean's nose.

This is something fun you can do or an activity with the kids. Most craft stores carry the smooth pebbles and I found that AC Moore had the best type and lowest price. You can also find smooth stones by the river beds, the tumbling motion will smooth them as nicely as the ocean.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday's Progress

This week I had big plans, one of them being, painting my angel. But, on Tuesday I went to the store and started feeling off and by the time I got home, I realized I had the flu, ugh. So, I took my med and even though I had the flu, it has lessoned the symptoms, but my energy l level was at an all time low. Today I finally felt good enough to get some things done.

One thing I did do, was to prep some stocking blocks and I made up six more, something to keep my hands busy while I rested. Today I added the sashing to see how they looked. Unfortunately I cannot get a good photo, some colors washed out and the red sashing looks too bright. It is not an exact match, but more prim than it looks in the photo. I want to use what I have, and I like the idea of a pop of red.

This is what I have so far, I wanted to see how they look together. Now I need to add some new colors, definitely some golds. Once I have a few more extra colors, I can start sewing them together and build it up. I want it to be big enough to use.

Once it is sewed together, I can hang it somewhere with better light. The blocks are 10' x 7 1/2', and the sashing is 2". I use a 1/4" seam when sewing, so a bit smaller when sewn.

One thing I got while shopping, a new cabinet for my beach room. I realized my wall shelf didn't have enough space to hold my paints, so now I have plenty of room for paints and other items. Bill is building me a long cubby stand to put it on, then I will put my white washed crates in that. I couldn't attach it to the wall and reach the shelves, so this way it will be off the floor but not too high.

I had found some more old slides and this one bought back wonderful memories. Next month, Billy will be 36, doesn't seem that long since he was the little boy I remember. Tomorrow is going to be nice, so hoping to get out with Nick.

"Billy Goats"