Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday Finish!

 I am finally at the point of finishing my long pillow, but I still have the details with glitter threads, to do. I like putting a pop of glitter on some pieces, especially for Christmas pieces. I wanted to try a few ornaments, so I made up a couple this week.

For the snowman head, I used a foam ball to start and wrapped it with roving and felted it in. I placed it in some greens for the photo, but I will add a topper so I can hang it on the tree. The star started out with one idea, but I couldn't get it the way, it was in the photo, so I just made a simple hate on mine.

I am still trying to get good shots with my camera, not sure why I cannot get one, but most were at a distance on cloudy days, so that is one reason. I know I tend to move when I press the shutter, so I need to be more still, it's a shame since I had lots of great bird shots but they were too dark and blurry.

I decided to try some in my back yard, that way I had a sunny day and I could brace myself better. I have a lot of winter visitors and a group of doves who like to hang out in a tree by the feeder.

I also have way too many sparrows, they keep multiplying, every year. This one was in the back and nice enough to sit still for a photo. These came out a lot better, so I know I need light with this camera, to get sharper photos. 

I hope you all had a good week and enjoying the holiday month. I got a lot done early, so I can enjoy working on a few projects for fun and most of my shopping is done, so I can relax and enjoy it more. 

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julieQ said...

Oh sweet sparrows. We have none now...kind of run off by the big ravens, I think!