Friday, June 2, 2023

Friday finish!

 This week I have been working on finishing my quilt and have gotten the solid blocks done, so now on to the finishing touches. I decided to try one of the animals in a kit I got. It has various types so I thought it would be good, to learn some basics on animal shapes.

Of course I don't follow directions and didn't like the original that was holding grapes, so I added a little outfit to mine. I see things I would change in my next one, which is how I learn, from my mistakes, lol. I started the face when the boys were here and Alex called him Bob.

Over the weekend, the kids started work on our porch. It was Bill's birthday present. They washed it and sanded it, and then started to stain it. Then my son pulled his back and now my porch is a mess and not finished, and we have rain coming in. Then my husband knocked over the umbrella and it tore through the canvas top on our lower screen tent. I think this is about the 10th one that has been destroyed, time to go with a metal roof gazebo.

We had another party since it was Ivy and my husband's birthday. I saved another present and they were thrilled to have roller skates. Alex didn't want to take them off and rolled around the house.

Another day we took them out while their parents were doing the porch. We took them to a local beach and then the bike path to ride on their scooters.

I am still coughing, worse at night. I heard that there is a new virus going around this spring, hangs on like Covid. Today we went to the beach for a bit, I walked along the beach and found a few pieces of glass and just enjoyed the views and fresh air. The boaters are back on the water, so fun to watch them, as they sail.

I hope you all had a good week and enjoy your weekend.


acorn hollow said...

The boys are enjoying life sorry you had a couple of issues I hope your son feels better soon.
we are getting rain all week this week we need the rain but I like to see the sun now and then. your fox is cute

Fiona said...

I hope the rest of the porch gets done soon and your son feels ok..... the boys are looking well and always doing such fun things at your place - they will have wonderful memories...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your felted fox is adorable! I am supposed to be making a spun cotton fox at some point but have fallen woefully behind in my lessons so I don't know that I will ever get to that point. Lucky get presents on other people's birthdays LOL. Sorry to hear about your son's back...and your screen tent...and your continuing cough. Your luck is about as good as mine. Love seeing sail boats. They are always so picturesque. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. ~Robin~