Friday, May 26, 2023

Friday photos!

 This week hasn't been the greatest. Bill got the cold, that Billy had and I got it from him, so for the first time in years, I got bronchitis and still fighting it. We were able to get out for a few days, before the cold knocked us out.

We did make it to the kid's birthday party. They had it at a place that does nerf guns and areas to run around in, so a bit hectic. It is also hard to get good photos with kids running around.

This is a shot of the kids at the party.

And here they posed with the Jeep. There were beat up cars and other things, sectioned off into rooms, so it was a bit dark for photos.

We were able to enjoy a day at the beach the next day. When we went to one, I noticed a few people with cameras and this is what they were looking at, a Great Egret, fishing in the cove. I also took a photo of ship, as it passed by the lighthouse.

At one beach I spotted this Mockingbird, at another, the Cormorants, nesting on the rock. I caught one as he came in with dinner, to his mate. I also found a few nice treasures.

The rest of the week was spent at home, resting, getting a few things done when I could and watching the birds. I got lucky and caught a Northern Flicker, feeding on the ground. I hope you all are in good health, seems a bad common cold is going around now. We had the boys tonight, so my son could take Ivy out for her birthday dinner and tomorrow we will have them for dinner and a family party. 


acorn hollow said...

That is a lot of kids wow! But I bet they had fun. Sorry you both got sick. Husband is still trying to get his energy up aver pneumonia.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Holy cats...that's one big birthday party! I bet they had a blast. So sorry you and hubby are/were sick. I had chronic bronchitis for years and every cold seemed to turn into bronchitis - or pneumonia - but thankfully I have escaped it for the past several years. It still looks like you packed a lot into your week even with the setback(s). I actually have a pair of northern flickers this year....I haven't been successful photographing them but I have recorded them. ~Robin~