Friday, September 24, 2021

Week of Exploring!


This has been a busy week with day trips and keeping up at home, so no crafting time for me. By the time we get home and get things done, I am too tired to do much else.

On the weekend we started with a drive to the beach. I wasn't expecting it to be so nice, but it was warmer than I thought, so we spent more time walking and enjoying the ocean breezes.

The waves were high this day, so I enjoyed watching them, too rough for me to swim in.

We enjoyed the birds, running in and out of the surf, as well as a fly by, for some colorful planes.

Lots of rocks are on this beach, perfect place for glass, but I only found a few pieces. 

Our  first trip was to Harkness park in Connecticut. We were able to park the RV on the lawn in front of the bird sanctuary. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the birds, who frequent the area.

A pair of Great Blue Herons, rested in front of our spot.

A young Semi - Palmated Sandpiper along the rocks.

We also walked around the grounds. The mansion sits on a large grassy area, with views of the sound.

The gardens are still in bloom and beautiful to walk through.

I was hoping to catch the butterflies, but there were only a few and they are always on the move.

On Tuesday we headed to Windsor Locks. It is a place where you can see eagles and other birds that frequent the area. Of course there were no eagles around and the rest were hiding in the bush. I was able to catch this silly guy, a Cormorant.

And we got a nice long walk along the bike path. It follows the old path from when they pulled boats along the inner side of the locks. We weren't able to do the whole walk, so we will have to bring the bikes the next time.

One day was more of a rest day. We got things done at home and it rained a bit, so once it stopped, we spent some time at the beach. Bean has been loving all the time out, as well.


I was able to find some nice treasures, with the lower tide.

And I finally got on my bike. It has been years but we went on a bike path that was paved and mostly flat. I was able to do 12 miles and enjoy some beautiful scenery along the way. And the nice thing was, it is only a few towns away, so we can go back anytime.

Today was another rain day, so we got things done around the house and once the rain stopped, we headed to the beach. Always nice when there are no crowds, and I have the beach to myself. It was a bit cloudy and a bit sunny, but the rain held off.

And of course I found some new treasures. Each time I find some interesting shapes, it gives me ideas for art pieces, so I will have plenty to keep me busy when I finally stay home and sit still, lol. I had such a nice time biking that I am hoping we can get out some more this weekend. I hope everyone has had a nice week and enjoyed my photos of the places we visited. 


acorn hollow said...

How wonderful you get out as much as you do. Andnow the crowds are gone it makes all the better. Looking forward to seeing what you do with all your beach finds.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You...and your endless adventures and wonderful photos...never cease to amaze me! Wow! Silly, perhaps, but my favorite photo this time around is the Cormorant. I used to love biking....and I do miss it. ~Robin~

Olde Dame Holly said...

I guess your blog functions as a "book," but gosh I wish you would publish a book showing your visits around the area, over the course of a year! It would be so peaceful, so beautiful! The seaglass, the wildlife (I love that silly bird!), the water and just how calming and sweet it all looks! Those were some big waves!

Susan said...

I did enjoy traveling vicariously with you! Thank you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

You have so many wonderful places to explore!
I'm with Robin. Love the picture of the cormorant.

QuiltGranma said...

We had just been watching some old Bob Ross painting on you tube when I opened this so of course I loved that big wave, and that interesting fence as ideas for parts of paintings, and stick in that darling plover as well! I love going for walks with you! They are so fun! I can even do them at night, when it is time for bed!