Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday Finish and Finds!

 It seems each week goes by faster than the last, but I also seem to be busier than usual. I was able to finish my. newest creation, even if it wasn't exactly how it started out. When I work with roving, it is like reverse carving, I start with an idea and change things as I go.

This gnome is made with wool roving that a friend gave me,  a large hank with mixed colors and some glitter. I ended up going with a wizard for a halloween theme and I made him a little broom with craft twine.

We were able to get out for a hike last weekend. The trail starts a few feet away from where I grew up. When I was younger, we walked along the old stage coach road that went all the way past a farm and back onto the new route for cars. Now most of that is overgrown and they have made new trails in the area, that go to the old Girl Scout camp on the river. It was nice walk, but a bit wet and buggy.

One day took us to the Ocean beach, not a lot of treasures, but it was nice and cool and I enjoyed watching the Sandpipers,  running back and forth, in the waves.

Of course we spent more time at our favorite beach, a late afternoon stroll along the beach and a few treasures.

Another day I spotted the Egrets in the cove, but of course they flew off before I could get a close up.

And our best day this week, Bill had an appointment, so we got there at low tide. We got to spend more time as the tide was coming in and she was generous in what she threw up for us. You can see how high the tide was, as we left. That area is where the boys usually sit and hunt through the stone piles.

You can see that we got quite a bit of glass, especially some large pieces. Those came up with the higher tide. The large yellow-green piece is almost 3" long.

I hope you all had a good week and enjoy the upcoming weekend. We are taking next week off, it looks like a nice week and hopefully we will be doing some trips into Connecticut this time.


Olde Dame Holly said...

The sea was indeed generous, what a lovely amount of glass and so many pretty shapes and shades. I just love your felted wizard! And his little broom!

TheCrankyCrow said...

OOOOhhhh!! Your wizard is adorable! Yes, Halloween is right around the corner...and yes, the weeks - and days - go by faster and faster with each one it seems. I really love the photo of the sandpipers and the one after that with the sun on the water....absolutely beautiful. What do you suppose that long rectangular piece (in the upper left of the collection) is in that photo?? And I love that little twisted piece in the same photo.... Enjoy the rest of your weekend....for some reason there is a looooong delay in me seeing posts... I checked late last night and this post wasn't there... Didn't show up until this evening. ~Robin~