Friday, January 8, 2021

Friday Finish!


Another week zipped by and I didn't get enough done, that seems to be the norm for me, these days. But, I just go with the flow and work on things for fun and eventually I will get to organizing and redoing my room so I can get back to my quilting.

This week I started a few projects and finished one. The design is a freebie offered, by the Old Tattered Flag. I thought it would be fun to try and wish I had added something to the bottom, but it does look nicer in person than in the photo. I will be starting gifts for next year and I also have so many things, that I think I may do some online selling this year.

And I practiced some ideas I had with the masks. I was trying to shorten the sewing time and amount by putting two steps together, but it shortened the masks, so they don't fit me right. They would fit nicely with woman, that have small noses, but mine is definitely too big. 

I took Nick to the fabric store a few weeks ago. I wanted to let him pick some fabric out and he wasn't interested in any of the fun prints, he kept going for the geometrics and strange prints, so I made him some with the squares that I had in my stash.

We got out a bit, last weekend. On Saturday I wanted to take a ride around a reservoir in Connecticut. We drive by all the time, but never around the backside. My instincts were right, no place to park or stop for a shot. But, we did find a nice park on the backside that had open water views, so maybe next time we can go again and catch the eagles.

We did get a nice walk in, nice paths through woods and along the water.

And fun things on the path, as well as an old graveyard nearby.

One thing we saw on the way down was lots of farms and lots of cows. Sometimes just a ride somewhere new and seeing new sights is all I need to lift my spirits.

On Sunday we spent some time at the beach. It was cold and the tide was just going out, but we enjoyed the fresh air and found a few treasures.

And on the home front, the birds are visiting every day. I finally caught a decent shot of the Blue Jay. 

And one of the female Cardinal. The Cardinals are shy, they feed from the side feeder, so hopefully they will come to the porch someday.


The Merry Olde Dame, Holly said...

I like your beachcombing finds! And your Santa with flag. I love Blue Jays; they are full of spunk.

acorn hollow said...

Your pictures are always so nice. I am double masking at this point I have all kinds of styles but because there always seems to be a gap no matter what I put a disposable mask under a cloth mask. Makes me feel safer who knows if it is.

Susan said...

I like your flag piece. I looked it up, but the pattern must be on FB, where I'm not, because the blog is two years out of date ... if it's even the same person. What would you have added to the bottom? It looks great as is. Love your nature photos. That first cow picture almost looked like a painting! The birds are both gorgeous, but that blue on the jay is so bright! You did well with the mermaid glass, too. Thanks for sharing.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your bird pictures are amazing!

TheCrankyCrow said...

The glimpses of the paths and trails through the woods mesmerize me....they are exactly how I imagine New England to be in my head. And you know by know that I am in love with old gravestones/cemeteries. Lucky you! Wonderful beach combing finds! ~Robin~