Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday works and Fun!

This week I didn't get anything finished, but I was able to work on a new project. I think I needed a rest and time to get ready for the holiday, so I made up a new stitchery that I can use as a pillow this season. The design is by Kathy Schmitz from her Christmas book and I was lucky enough to find a copy from a local library and copy some of the designs.

I am using three strands of floss so it will stand out more, I think this will be a fun pillow to display.

Today I wanted to get out for a hike, but my body wasn't cooperating, so we went for a ride to the quilt store in Connecticut. The boys have some events coming up at school and need fun masks, so I got the gnomes for them, then I found the cars and thought that was perfect for the guys. I loved the skate material and glad I grabbed a yard, I do have the same black with mittens and one with trees, so I will use it for a quilt and add some greens and reds to the mix. 

I think one thing that wore me out was, the hike we did last weekend. I wanted to try a new trail and hike for a bit to see how far we could get. I was having so much fun finding new ponds and enjoying the hike that we made it all the way to the end, Hell Hollow Pond. We ended up doing over 10 miles, so the longest yet, for me.

And the next day we went back with the boys. The weatherman lied, the rain came early and just as we got to the first pond, it came down. Luckily the trail back was tree lined so we stayed dry until it stopped. We took another short walk and headed to the campground for lunch and relaxing.

I have been watching the birds and practicing manual focus, so I can get the birds in the trees. The camera always wants to focus on the branches, so I was able to catch this Cardinal who visits the feeder.

And the male Downy Woodpecker is getting more used to me. I am still trying to get a shot of the Carolina wren, it comes and sits and chatters at me, but never when I have the camera. 

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a simple, traditional dinner with the kids. 


Olde Dame Holly said...

Your bird pictures certainly came out beautiful. We have a woodpecker, too, but I only get a glimpse. We don't have cardinals here in this part of the desert, and I miss them! Lovely to see yours.

acorn hollow said...

you walked a lot! I like your new project and so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.
It was just the two of us but still nice

Kate said...

I am envious of your cardinals.

Lily Allen said...

Your bird pictures certainly came out beautiful,Thanks for the share.
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Jacqueline said...

10 miles and then more the next day! You go girl.

TheCrankyCrow said...

YIKES!! I'd be out of commission for a year if I hiked 10 miles in one day LOL. I love the photos of "Hell Hollow Pond"....what an intriguing name. I really like the skate fabric too...and bet that quilt will be amazing with the coordinating and accent fabrics you described. Love the family photo... Your son is pretty talented to pour and pose for a photo at the same name...but looks your grandson is a bit concerned LOL. Fun times. No Thanksgiving meal here. I've given up. We are having a beautiful day hee efor late November. I should make better use of it than I am. ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ten miles??? You go, girl. I could not do it...and I walk every day.
Amazing photos of the birds.