Friday, November 13, 2020

Friday Finish and Fun!


It seems this week flew by, but we did have an extra day off, so it meant we were out and about. I am working on a new stitchery and I was able to make a few new masks. My son is using the store bought type that have no protection so I made him some box masks to try. When I went to the store to get more flag fabric, I couldn't resist getting a little for the boys. Nick loves bright colors and glitter and the dots you see are bit of glitter. I also used ribbon with glitter in it. I also tried one With a Christmas print, that I have,  I will have to fussy cut to show off more of the fun designs.

On Sunday we took the boys to Fort Getty. It is the perfect place to spend the day with them. We park in the campground area so the boys have plenty of space to play and water views on both sides.

And the beach is there, so they spent time playing and Nick has become quite the glass hunter. Not sure what he will do with it, but he told me he needs a lot to make something. Alex is just happy playing and running around.

On Sunday we went back to Machimoodus park, I wanted to hike the trail we missed. It was a beautiful place to hike and the views from the top of the hill were stunning, but too many trees in the way to get a clear shot of the river and the foliage along the banks from the upper hill.

We also went back to Fort Getty when Bill got home, a little glass collecting and stunning sunsets. 

With another day off, we decided to head to Devil's Hopyard to see the falls. They weren't running as heavy as they usually do, but still beautiful. It was also sprinkling on and off all day so between that and the crowds, we only stayed for a quick walk along the path.

From there we headed to Eagle Landing. There is a coffee shop on the other side of the river and a nice place to sit and relax.

We didn't see any eagles, but this Northern Mockingbird stopped by to say hi and get his photo taken. It as drizzling again and the main storm was getting closer, so we headed home before it hit. It was definitely a busy week of exploring and it is time to do it all over again. I definitely need more time in the day, or I will never get anything done at home. I hope this finds you all well.


acorn hollow said...

It is nice you are getting out and about especially with the great weather we had. We are now into the cold and rain on the way for tomorrow.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh that sunset is glorious!! And those with the trees!!! The sun shining through is incredible. What is that huge mansion-like building in the one photo (think you said at Eagle Landing?? Sorry, when I go to comment, I lose all of your post and if I go back to it, I have to start all over.) It has turned cold and dreary here....snow last night, currently icy rain...more snow tomorrow.... But I know it could be much worse...and will be. Stay well ~Robin~

Rock River Stitches said...

Very cute fabric that you made your masks from! You sure did get some beautiful fall color photos! Wish we had mockingbirds.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your day adventures are always amazing.

Olde Dame Holly said...

What a beautiful area! And I am impressed by your energy. My heart says "Hike" but my knees say "Take a drive."