Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday Finish and Fun!


This week I planned on finishing my snow people but I got a new stitchery from Kathy Schmitz for the club, so of course, I had to do the first. The design was perfect for an idea I had for the boys. Nick is always worried about Santa showing up, so this way he has a sign for him.

I added the lettering but I do wish I had used a kid's scrawl and spread it out more, but I am sure they won't care. I used a yarn that is more like roving to get the puffy look on the edge. I also used glitter threads on some items.

Last weekend we went for a walk at a river park, to try the side path. It was a nice walk, nice views of the river as we walked, but then we ended up walking sideways on steep hills, so we went up and walked the tracks for awhile. Of course the minute we turned to go back, it started to rain, seems to be our luck lately.

On Sunday we took the boys out. We had to drop off the trailer, so we took the truck and headed for the fishing pond. The boys had never been and loved hiking in the woods, lots of trails to explore.

After hiking they got to practice casting. Nick had a worm and Alex decided he wanted one too, no hooks but they didn't seem to notice.

And I had a new visitor this week, a male House Wren. I have only seen one in our bush area, and this one seems to be alone. He sat on the rail and watched the other birds eat, then flew off. He was back today, so I think he just wants to be around other birds and doesn't mind when I come out.

I hope you have a nice weekend. We have rain coming in and I am still decorating. So I will finish that and make the masks for the boys. I have a few projects to finish this week, one from an old block, so something fun to finish.


Olde Dame Holly said...

What a cute pillow! That should reassure the little ones that Santa will not pass them by. Your house wren is a smart one to want to be with the other birdie acquaintances. We have a roadrunner that stops by frequently now, in part, I think, to commune with our doggies in the window, who like to watch her.

acorn hollow said...

You have such wonderful adventures with your grandsons keeps the world in prospective to be with kids. I love your finishes as always.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Santa is too sweet. I'm sure the grands will love him.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Those boys are incredibly blessed...I hope they know that. I think I could look at your photos all day. I wish I had one small measure of your gift with a camera. That photo of the railroad tracks is just incredible!! We have had no precipitation in weeks here. I don't think that bodes well this time of year. ~Robin~

Julie Fukuda said...

I love all your photos. I can't believe how big those boys have grown in what seems like no time at all. How wonderful you can be together with activities all enjoy.

Monique said...

Nice pictures!

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