Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Finishes and Finds!

This week seemed to fly by, I had lots of plans and didn't get as much accomplished, but I was able to do a few things. I think the heat is getting to me, and it is continuing into next week. Of course we may get showers finally, right at the same time as the boys belated birthday party, lol.

One good thing is the first of the month and a new stitchery from Kathy Schmitz's club. I decided to do some more lavender sachets and I kept them simple, omitting the extra stitching in the basket and some outer pieces.

One I did with pearl cotton and one I did with DMC variegated red. I think I like the red best, the blue is a bit light, but fine for a sachet that I will be hiding in my wool.

I also got out over the weekend to hunt for glass. We found a lot the first day, and we spent 4 hours looking, and I had my helpers. I even found an old rusty hook, not sure what I will do with it. If you look towards the bottom left, you will see a face rock, complete with 3d nose and a smile, that will be fun to paint.

The next day I found less, but some nice pieces and the big rock at the top will be an owls head. I ended up throwing away the piece of bottle, too new and it was cracked and sharp, so not worth keeping.

And as you can see from the first photo, I used some of my rocks. I did some simple ones this time and the hearts were a design I saw on a cookie. The problem is, I was supposed to make the stripes in the opposite direction and my brain went backwards, but they still turned out, ok.

The chick and dog came from the first finds. I have the others ready to go, but wanted to finish a few this week and I can do some more, next week. One the back I write my group name, DSmiles4miles and ask them to smile at the next person they see, that is the payment for finding and keeping the rock. I am hoping to get a large batch made, then when it cools down, I can hide some on our walks and maybe take some on vacation.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The boys had to postpone their birthday in May, so they are finally getting a party. And Bean is on house rest, though he seems to be getting back to his old self. He injured his leg and had an inflamed tendon, so no jumping for now.


acorn hollow said...

love your pillows always so busy. your luck with sea glass is amazing but stooped over for 4 hours would kill my back.
I hope bean is feeling better

Fiona said...

your KS stitcheires are lovely, and make great lavender satchets, I think it's so clever how you see shapes for things in the stones...

The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh I love those little stitcheries!! I think the blue looks so vintage...but I love the red too. I wish I lived in an area that had sea glass. I think its so beautiful. Hobby Lobby sells sea glass, but I just wonder if it's the real thing...probably not! Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

These are all beautiful! Stitching is one of my crafty weaknesses...I just cant seem to get it looking right, so I really admire those who can! Lovely blog :)

Sandi said...

Lovely stitching Debbie, you are always so quick!

Some womderful finds, that revers S looks interesting. The soft amethyst and blues are my favourites. Great face rock find!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor Bean. I bet it is hard to keep him down. I hope he heals quickly.
Another great haul of beach glass!

PaulaB quilts said...

Love the painted rocks, especially the bird. They will make fun treasures to hide.

Deb Quartz said...

Your stitchery pieces are lovely, I love those pieces of glass and the stones and your painted rocks are pretty.