Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday This and That!

This week I have been working on my quilt panel, almost there, so hopefully I can have it made into a pillow, next week. The weather has been hot, way too hot or humid is more like it, so my energy level is down and even with the air conditioner on, it only cools down certain areas, so I am limited on what I can do.

One thing about a not so great week is receiving gifts from friends. My friend Kelley Belfast made me a whale rug for my beach room and surprised me with a wonderful heart rug. The whale is perfect to hang on the wall, but I think I would like to frame it somehow, either a barn wood to place it on, that way I can use rug pins and not hurt the rug. Or a frame that would look good against the barn wood wall, will see what area I want to place it on and then decide. The hearts will make a nice table topper, it is a beach room, but also filled with heart items, so they are both perfect.

The whale rug is 23" x 16".

I also was able to get out as the tide was going out. My Sister in laws beach is rocky and on an island, so lots of glass gets trapped in the rocks. I even had double the help, and with the showers that day, we had the area to ourselves.

Bill and Natalie found me lots of big chunks and I found some fun shaped rocks.

I am not sure what I will do with this rock, I may paint it. Can you see what it looks like? It has more definition than shows in the photo.

A fun fact about my SIL's house, it was in the movie, Moonrise Kingdom. In the movie, two kids run away and the local police are looking for them, so they stop at her house to ask if she has seen them. And standing there on the porch with my SIL is Bruce Willis. The movie is shot in Rhode Island, some on the island and some in the boy scout  camp where we hike.

And another fun thing I did this week, shave Izzy, haha. She lets me shave her top areas, she does like to be groomed, but she was not too happy when I started on the back end.

I had to coax her, tell her how beautiful she was looking and I was almost there. Today I got more underneath, and smoothed out the choppy areas, so just the longer hair on her belly is left. Now if I can find a way to get her to roll over so I can get that, she will be all set. She pukes up, all over my house and this is one way to stop that, so well worth the trouble.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Sandi said...

Love those two pieces by Kelly, I've seen some of her sunflower hooking pieces on Cheri's Facebook page recently. Wish she would adopt me as a friend! I'm hard pressed to say which of the two I like better. They would be lovely both of them framed with barn wood.

That rock made me think of a bunny but I can also get the feeling of a fish. But with the almost profile of the chest I think bunny.

Fiona said...

those are lovely rugs you got as a gift... very nice. how fun to see the picture from the movie - I haven't seen it but it still fun that it's your family... lovely beachcoming… that big stone looked like a cat curled up to me at first glance.... but of course now I can't see it...

Saundra said...

How lucky you are to be the recipient of Kelley's items, both sewn and hooked.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Poor Izzy!

Karen said...

I like whale pieces so naturally like the whale rug. Lucky you to have received such a wonderful rug.

Raymond Homestead said...

What nice gifts and neat story about the house (love the picture of it!) Izzy looks cute with her new do!

moosecraft said...

OMG! Izzy looks so cute! Like she has a lion's tail! lol!