Friday, September 22, 2017

Halloween Fun!

This week I worked on finishing my candy corn rocks. I love the simple rocks with fun faces and this is a fun way to make something that fits with the season. I have decided on a group name so I could add it to the rocks. It will be called Smiles4miles! This way, anyone can join in, and no limitations on where you live.

I still have to work on the Facebook pages and I plan on doing up some tags that you can print out. They will have the group name and a saying, so all you have to do is print them and add them to your pieces. This is for any crafter or artist and you can also join in to learn and explore new ways to help others.

On the back of these rocks I put smiles4miles and since some were larger, I added, smile at the next person you see. I thought that would be fun and on the tags I usually add a similar saying for those who find the items, so they can pass along an act of kindness.

I still have to put on a few coats of finish, but I had to get the name and writing on tonight, then I let it dry a day, to be safe. It is windy and rainy today, so I will have to wait for better weather, to spray outside. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon, then I can drop a few on Sunday.

I will also be doing heart pillows, another way to join in, sewing offers lots of possibilities, especially with the holidays. If you want to join early, you can go to Smiles4miles on Facebook. I would also like to hear your thoughts and ideas. I want to keep it simple, fun and a compassionate group of artists and crafters. Hopefully I can get all the information and files done this weekend.

I also needed to make something new, every so often I like to try something that I can do in a day or two. I actually made this in an afternoon, and it does look it, lol. I was trying to follow directions on YouTube and they tend to talk a lot and I get impatient and start scrolling through fast and working on mine and the next thing I knew, I was off on my own in the wrong direction.

I wanted to do sculpting, but with their method of using yarn for the sections, my area was too small, so I just did a bit and made it goofy. I had fun making it and it does look better in person, I couldn't get an outdoor photo and flash really brings out the fuzziness, that isn't there. I learned what I did and didn't like, while making it, so I may just try another, or maybe a pumpkin head doll, we shall see where my mood takes me.

I definitely went whacky on the top, reminds me of Miss Piggy, lol.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Of course I will be outside as much as possible, some nice warm fall days and the antique barn is having their annual sale and raffle. We won last year, so maybe we will get lucky again.


Sandi said...

Love all the different smiles on your candy corn they are wonderful Debbie.

Your Jack is too cute, from what you described I wasn't expecting such a fun piece. I'm sure the receipant will enjoy him if you give him away. How big is he?

Kate said...

Smiles4miles - love it, Debbie! I've asked to join.
Your candy corn painted rocks are delightful and should bring smiles to many.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love the rocks and the idea that goes with them. Can't pass around too many smiles. I doubt though that leaving rocks around in Japan would work ... even if you left them in a restaurant or on a train, not many pick up things they think might belong to someone else.

kelley said...

those candy corn rocks sure are going to get some smiles Debbie!

Karen said...

Your candy corn rocks are cute as can be!

Saundra said...

The candy corn painted rocks are great and the felted pumpkin is a HOOT.

Fiona said...

your stones are great... I really love your quirky wool face though... just the best expression... you are so talented

Anna Bates said...

OMG look ve the rocks...and your Jack is a hoot!!

Colleen said...

So so cute!!

acorn hollow said...

love the rocks such a wonderful idea. I love your pumpkin so cute

Rugs and Pugs said...

Candy corn rocks are just too cute!