Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Wierdness!

This weekend was another beautiful weekend, sunny skies, at least until we hit the ocean, and the views went as far as the shore, the ocean was blanketed in fog.

We decided to go to Fishermen's memorial and the lighthouse, since we enjoyed it so much when we were camping. The breakers were busy, everyone was out enjoying the waves and fishing, so we didn't stay long. We headed to the lighthouse beaches and enjoyed one beach by ourselves and collecting rocks. I wanted to take photos of the surfers, but I couldn't see them, lol.

Then we headed to the other side, it was even more fogged in, but still a beautiful place to sit and just enjoy the waves and fresh breezes. A few kayakers were going in and we did spy a group, further out when the fog lifted a bit.

What is this? Bill carrying a surfboard, maybe he is going to give it a try?

But no, I spied a board coming towards us and I said, where is the surfer, then his head popped up. The currents and waves were so strong, the board was flying by sideways and so was the surfer. Bill was trying to get the board, but the waves were crashing on the rocks and pulling the board down the shore and the surfer was trying to follow it, but he couldn't see it or where he was going. Bill finally got a chance to grab the board and yell to the surfer so he knew he had it and help him back to shore, just in time to avoid the rocky outcropping he was headed for.

Surfer and board, reunited. The bad thing was, it hit the shore a few times before Bill got it and it did get cracked, so he had to give up surfing for the day, I think that was a good idea. The next day we heard that five people got swept off the breakers at Fishermen's, and the storm isn't even close yet. It will be hitting us tomorrow, high winds and rain.

I was taking photos for fun and saw some ducks sitting on a bank, on the little pond. When I got home I noticed an object in the photo, so I blew it up and this is what I found. Real gun, toy gun, maybe a flare gun? I did send a photo to the local police, but no word, so maybe they don't care? Strange things wash up on the shores, especially during a storm surge, wonder what will be littering the beaches next weekend.

Sunday was another nice day and more fog, but it did lift on occasion. We went to Jamestown and had a nice spot at the divers beach. Most people were going out in boats and diving, so the end of the beach was the perfect place to relax and let Bean play.

A team from the Boston Museum was reeling in nets for the day, they were trying to catch fish to take back, but no luck. As you can see, the sun was out on the shore and the fog further out, in the next photo.

There was also a group of kids, who were on the cliff, with a Bungy cord and this is what they do for fun.

The kids wanted to get some pumpkins, so I told them to go to Holmsberg orchards. I guess they are glad they went, looks like they all had fun.

And Nick got to sit on a tractor, it may not move, but he sure had fun pretending he was driving.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I am still working on a name for the Facebook group, I do like the idea of using a universal name, so anyone, anywhere can join in. I had SmileRI, but that is too local. I  Was also thinking of using the initials DS then mile after the end, in honor of my daughter and in her memory since she always hated seeing people sad and wanted everyone to be happy. So, if you can think of better names or ideas, I would love to hear them, so I can get that set and open up the group. I am going to keep it simple, rocks are one thing, but also small pillows and I have even found some simple ideas that anyone can do, so I will set up folders with ideas too.


Sandi said...

Sounds like a very weird weekend weather, surfers, glad Bill was able to help but sorry to hear the board was damaged. How distressing to hear about the people getting pull off, I'm hoping they survived. I've been wondering about hurricane Jose and see it is making its way up the eastern seaboard. Here's hoping that Maria bypasses you all.

At least the children had blue skies to enjoy the pumpkins.

acorn hollow said...

when I see Nick on the tractor all I could think of is green acres.
we were fogged in in maine a couple of days too. still nice to be by the beach

Kate said...

Nick must have been so excited to sit on that tractor!! The fog has a beauty of it's own, doesn't it. I'm looking forward to your new FB group, Debbie.

Fiona said...

little boys and tractors... justlovely. How amazing noticing that gun. I'm sure they have followed up but not talking about it.... gosh. So bill is a life saver too... I think people are crazy to surf in those conditions....

Julie Fukuda said...

I wonder if those were the hurricane leftovers. Our weekend "Typhoon" turned out to me just leftovers too ... though good to be prepared just in case. I think that surfer was one lucky duck that you guys happened to be there.

Anna Bates said...

this post was better than any show on TV, LOL

Dawn said...

The weather looks a little dangerous, so glad you were watching and not out in it. The surfer was lucky.
Love your wool cat.