Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Vacation Break!

We have had pretty good weather, a bit cooler but nice. Too cool to swim, but perfect to spend time on the beach and enjoy the area.

We have a nice campsite, plenty of room to relax and for Bean, all our neighbors are quiet. The pull throughs are large.

The area in front of the camp is home to a lot of different shore birds. I really wanted to get a shot of them, at closer range. That wasn't a good idea, I found out just how muddy it was, when my feet sunk into it, so much for my new boots, ugh. 

Of course Bean loves the beach and he made new friends to play with. He will not go in the water to swim, just walking around. But, when other dogs jump in and go after balls, he goes into crazy mode and jumps in after them and would probably keep swimming if I didn't pull him back in, lol.

He found one friend who was as crazy as he was and an older guy who tolerated him. In one photo he is running away with the the black dog's ball, but the black dog kept stealing the labs ball. The poor lab didn't know what to make of the two crazy dogs.

That night we spent at the lighthouse beach area, the sun was setting on one side and the moon was coming up on the other. The fog delayed the moon rise, so we didn't get to see it come up over the ocean, maybe next time.

A beautiful sunset, the first time I have seen bands on the sun.

The moon rising over the lighthouse on the first night.

The moon on the second night.

Today it was raining on and off, so we watched the storm from the beach area. When it lifted, we got to enjoy some time on the beach. I walked all the way down to a beautiful rocky area to see if I could find some nice rocks. Of course, that is when another storm came in, so no rock collecting.

Tonight we stayed home and will go back tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a nice week and hopefully I can catch up with all the blogs when I get back.


kelley said...

what great vacations Bean has! love the pics with him and his new friends...oh, the lighthouse is my favorite with the rocks...that will be my daydream vacation from here on in...

Julie Fukuda said...

What lovely pictures. I can almost smell the sea water... and how nice it is that Bean can play with other dogs. When we lived in our last place, Nikko could spend a half hour or so every day playing with her friends in the park. It makes me a bit sorry for all the dogs in our neighbourhood that don't even know they are dogs.

Fiona said...

It looks so lovely .... Bean is very sociable and enjoys the trips too.....

acorn hollow said...

Such a pretty vacation! that bean is on happy dog.

Karen said...

A good end to the summer season for you.

Shasta Matova said...

It looks like a nice relaxing space to spend time, and oh so beautiful.

Sandi said...

You got some great photos Debbie, those sunset and moon photos are great!

Fun action shots of Bean bad friend.

Last night I was all tucked in and realized it was a full moon, but we've got smoke haze again so didn't make the effort to get dressed and see it.

Enjoy the last bit of vacation.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Beautiful sunset picture!