Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Primitive Shelf

I saw a shelf I liked, so I asked my husband to make me one and being the sweetheart that he is, he made me one.
Today I finally aged it and got it up on the wall. The problem is, he put hang hooks on the back, so it is tilted, will have to fix that problem and he will put the antique nails in tomorrow. Those will go on the bottom piece, so I can hang things on that too.

I grunged up my old candle holders too, but not sure if I like the shape of them, maybe some cast iron long candle holders instead? It is a pain with that wall, as you can see they made a hole in it to get light into the kitchen, I hate the hole, so we will either fill it in or redo the whole kitchen when I win the lottery, haha. I think a nice sign would be a good backdrop in that area, guess I need to make one of those too. I even cleaned off the dining table for the picture;)

Here is a closer look, he used some of our wainscoting to make the backing. Once it sits straight, I can put some of my red glass bottles on it.

And for the cute of the day, here is Dora. I was vacuuming and she likes to watch. She has such pretty eyes, but she must see the blink on my flash and gets those eyes closed before I hit the button, lol.

I took this shot looking up, so it cast a shadow on the ceiling with the flash.


primitivebettys said...

REally nice shelf... what a great hubby to build it for you! :) Dora is beautiful. We have a long haired yellow kitty that looks kind of like her... but not nearly a beautiful. Well... he is a he. ;)

paulette said...

The shelf is gorgeous!! Love it!! YOUR table topper is STUNNING!! I LOVE IT!! I sent my friend Claire an email so that she could have a look at it! She is going to love it too! What is the name of the pattern? I am going to have to go through your archives and see if you have posted about it!! Wow!! Thanks for sharing! Your kitty is adorable!

WoolenSails said...

The table topper is my own design. I have several eagle pennies that I did for my house and one day I will make a pattern booklet with all of the designs.


Anonymous said...

Love your shelf!!
And your kitty cat is adorable!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the shelf but that Dora is just to precious for words..;)

Busym1 said...

The shelf is wonderful! Bless your husband! The kitty is sweet! Michelle

moosecraft said...

Super shelf! You and your dh are both talented! I like the candle holders too... the shape of them looks good to me! Awesome table topper too!!! Looking forward to the pattern for that one! Little Dora is a cutie... such the little helper!

Christine said...

I love the shelf! You guys are a talented team :) Dora is so cute. My cat, Quinn, really hates the flash of the camera so I don't have too many pics of him with his eyes open! lol


Janene said...

What a wonderful shelf!
You and your husband make a great decorating team.
I looks like ones that I see in the prim shops that cost a fortune.
I wonder if I can get Joe to whip one of those up for me?
I better quit thinking before I get myself in trouble =)
Have a great week!

HomeSpunPrims said...

Your shelf looks great Debbie! And the pics of Dora are precious!

Lori R

Joanne said...

Great hubby to make that beautiful shelf for you! had to laugh when you said you cleaned off the dining table for the pic - is yours a catch all like ours? LOL

Dora is so cute - please give her a hug from me!

julieQ said...

Really pretty shelf..and what a darling kitty!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

The shelf is terrific. And the kitty with the great shadow...you are so clever.

appleberrycottage said...

I love the shelf! If you don't like the open "window" into the kitchen, here's an idea. Take a piece of plexiglass to fit the window opening. Take some 1/4 rounds, and finish it as a window (can even do 6 panel window panes). You will still get the light into the kitchen, but could add curtains/valance, or even hangings from the panes. We had a huge 5 foot tall opening like that in a condo, and we did the plexiglass - one of the best projects ever!

Anonymous said...

Love that shelf! Wish my husband was handy like that! I also had an idea for that opening. Just get a tension rod and buy (or make, as you are very talented!) a prim curtain or curtains to hang there. I have a "hole" in my kitchen where my dishwasher used to be, and that works great.
Have a great day,
Janet A.

WoolenSails said...

Thanks for the ideas, will be doing something soon to use it as a holiday spot. Last year I hung 3D paper cuttings on varying strings, so they twirled around.


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

What a great shelf and I just love the table rug it all comes together beautifully!

Jacque. said...

Wow...lovin' the shelf! That Dora...what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that shelf....but omg look at that sweet kitty face!!!