Monday, November 2, 2009

Cat baths and contest

First of all, I want to tell you about a wonderful contest hosted by Amanda Atkins. She is the daughter of Donna Atkins who had a great contest of her wonderful folk art prints and I won! I will show you the pictures as soon as I decide how to frame them and some are going to be gifted, but you can visit her site and see all the wonderful art she has and epatterns if you like to paint your own.

Amanda has her own style, but is a very gifted artist herself. I love her fun and unique style. She is giving one lucky winner, a painting of the winner. I would love to have one done in character style, what a neat prize.

Now onto Dora. Dora has two modes, non stop action or out like a light. She spends her waking hours patrolling the house looking for trouble and always checking to see if I am watching. I assume she does it just to annoy me and then I get that big grin of hers. Taking a bath is no different. The minute she hears the water running, she is there to help. Making sure the bubbles are just right.

And making sure the water temperature is not too hot or cold. I keep waiting for the day when she jumps in with me;)


Unknown said...

Oh DaRn. I was hoping that your post would contain hints about how to bath your cat. Our cat, Skittles, is the princess of the house but she's old and she doesn't groom herself as well as she used to. I would love to throw her in the tub for a bath to fluff up her fur, but I'm sure she would never forgive me.
But that would be quite funny if yours happened to jump in some day. Just watch those claws come out!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Hahaha, Dora is just so sweet! I love those pictures. Thanks so much for linking back to my blog and my mom's, Debbie! You'll be entered in the contest twice. :)

Karmen said...

I love Dora! Can she come visit? Karmen

Jacque. said... those photos. That Dora is quite the funny girl!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Dora is too funny...thanks for sharing..she is a cutie..and our cats would do the same if we took baths..although they will climb in between the shower curtain and liner to see whats up..:)

Anonymous said...

Just tooooooooooooo CAT-ute!!!

Lynn Barbadora said...