Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Goodies and Contest prize

I finally got around to getting some pictures of the wonderful prize I won from Basketsnprims. I was expecting a basket and not only did I get a beautifully made prim basket but other goodies, as well. It was like Christmas, opening up her package.

The basket is absolutely wonderful and the picture is horrid, flask and baskets do not mix. I put it on the wall and added a bit of dried twigs and a wonderful pin keep bird, a friend made me. It will do for now, but I have a wall that needs to be painted and filled with prim goodies. My husband decided to put the wainscoting up first, then paint, ugh. So, the upper half has half of my mural still on it. Once I paint over it, I plan on putting the basket there with other items I need to sand and paint.

Here are the rest of the goodies, Pam was so generous. I put the grubby flicker candle on a shelf I found in an antique consignment store and the jar on a higher shelf, away from my kitties. I just love all of the items she sent me, things I will use and treasure. I do love grubby tapers, like the one laying on the table, but they are hard to find around here and always cost so much for one. If you know of someone who sells them at a good price in volume, I would love to know. I love candles and need more to fill the holders I have.


Busym1 said...

What a nice prize! I really like the basket! Hugs,michelle

moosecraft said...

Super prize! Love that basket! Out of curiosity, what was the mural of? Redecorating is fun, especially when you have lots of nice goodies to place about! Enjoy!

WoolenSails said...

The mural was a country scene. I had a fence, birdhouses, a cat laying on the fence, a basket of apples, different types of birds and flowers.


Gayle said...

Looks like you got LOTS of wonderful goodies - lucky YOU!

Anonymous said...

What a great win and surprises. Very nice basket!

basketsnprims said...

Debbie ~
So glad you like the basket & other goodies. It was my pleasure.