Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another rug and new books

After finishing my locker hooked rug, I thought about what to do next and could not get motivated to do anything and I still had the pile of scraps I used. So, I thought, what if I use burlap and hook strips. You know the saying, me and my brilliant idea;)
I figured if I made the strips wide enough, they would stay, but I ended up making them a bit under an inch, since they were hard to pull through. The nice thing about hooking instead of locker hooking, is I didn't need the string and I could make a shape.

It was a practice and shows you that you can hook with jo anns cheap burlap and fabric. I think if I had made the strips wider and folded them, I would have gotten a better puffed loop on top, but rag is good too. It was quick and fairly easy and will make a great mat for dirty shoes. I also think that if you use a nice soft homespun, it would make a great table mat.

We have a thrift store called savers, and one of my favorite place to look for goodies. This week I lucked out and found some quilt magazines and two quilting books. I got the purse one for templates to make items as gifts. I was thrilled to find the quilt book, that was a great bargain at 3 dollars. So, for 10 dollars, I got a few good books and some magazines to look at, can't beat that for cheap entertainment.


primitivebettys said...

Great pumpkin rug & so interesting that you used fabric. Super idea! And what a great find at the thrift store!

Jacque said...

I am curious about your pumpkin mat.. you used 1" strips of fabric on burlap? Did you fold your strips in half, or hook as is? Didn't you end up with a lot of string issues?

WoolenSails said...

Some I just pulled through, some I folded. I wasn't trying to be perfect, just doing something mindless. Folding is better for pulling through and when I got a string, I just ripped it off, lol.