Friday, August 22, 2008

Kayaking at Burlingame State Park

Yesterday we went paddling at Burlingame state park. It is a beautiful place to paddle, half of it is owned by the state, so there are a lot of quiet areas. It is also shallow in a lot of areas, so we can keep away from the larger boats and get out and swim in several areas along the way. This is where we started from, a nice parking area with a sandy launch.

One of our favorite places to stop is on the opposite banks of the main campground. It owned by the camp, but no longer used for camping since they are too lazy and cheap to pay someone to keep an eye on that side. It makes a great stop for a picnic and a swim and no crowds, and usually no people at all, so we have the beach all to ourselves.

As you can see, Bill, the speck in the water, has to go far out to get deep enough for a swim. The water is extremely warm and I felt like staying on the beach all day, but we had to get back to our paddle.

We had such a great time, that we decided to go back today and paddle in the opposite direction. The weather has been gorgeous this week and we wanted to take advantage of it while we can. We also like to go here when it is not crowded, so the weekdays are perfect. We got a treat today as were were paddling along the area where the beach is. About 10 hawks were riding on the updrafts that come in from the ocean winds. They were soaring and rising into the sky, going higher and higher till it seemed like they disappeared. It was a sight you cannot capture on still cameras and the water was choppy, so I had to use a regular lens. It was a beautiful site for a perfect day.

To top my day off, I received a wonderful prize for Pat Sloan. She had a contest for cupcakes and we had to find a cupcake site to enter. It was fun to do and it is amazing how many cupcake sites there are on the web. I love the cute pattern and beautiful fabric. Will have to make something special with them. Check out Pat's site on the web, she has lots of fun patterns and a wonderful blog.

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Jacque said...

Hey Debbie...ohman, your pictures are always so awesome!!! Cupcakes, hey? Glad you won a prize!

JoJo said...

Wow, this sounds like fun. How I wish I could be there. Yesterday was just plain hot and humid here and it would have been a great day to be on the water.

Love your pictures. The hawks, especially, are such a neat sight.

WoolenSails said...

I always think if I had known I would be rug hooking now, I would have gotten one of the big old homes closer to the water. Then I could hold rug hooking retreats, it is a great place to visit and tons of antique and specialty shops.