Friday, August 1, 2008

Guess what I did today?

It was a gorgeous day out, a few clouds, a light breeze and the salt water, what more can anyone ask for. This was where we stopped to take a break, more sand here than the other areas. There were also hundreds of starfish that had washed up as the tide went out, but it was just starting to come in and took the starfish back to their watery homes before they dried out.

We went as far as the bridge, where the old lighthouse still sits in it's place of honor. They tried to get rid of it, but luckily it was saved and repainted. Sometimes it is fun to stay close to home and enjoy the beauty in our own areas.


Jacque said...

Gorgeous photos, Debbie! Good for you, to take advantage of the beautiful day! That bridge looks very interesting (I am not overly fond of traveling across long bridges!)

WoolenSails said...

I have to admit, I live in a wonderful area. We have the bay, ocean, lakes and ponds and the mountains are only a few hours away. I can't imagine living anywhere else, well except a cabin on a lake in the mountains;)