Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dora the Helper

Dora has character or is a character, or a bit of both, lol.
She seems to be interested in everything I do, including the shower.
She helps me with the cloths, loves to help when the printer is running and today she helped me peel tomatoes.

"Hey why are you throwing these away, they look good to me."

"Hate to eat and run."

"All this work has made me thirsty."

A long day of mischief for Dora and she goes into her Coma sleep. "Do not disturb!"


kelley said...


Dora is such a little scamp...she and Olivia would have great fun her drinking water from the faucet!

Jacque said...

What a cutie she is!!! I had a lab once (related to Tag) who used to stand at the bathtub and wait for me to turn on the water so he could drink from it. You said it...your Dora has tons of character...and IS a character.

JoJo said...

Debbie, how adorable Dora is. Years ago, one of my cats managed to get a huge tomato off the kitchen counter, through the entire house and took it under the bed in the back bedroom. Even though I'm his Momma, he had the audacity to hiss at me when I tried to take it away from him! Not only that but when I finally did get the tomato, there wasn't a single mark on puncture mark, nothing. How did he do it!!??

I'm also glad to see that someone else has a kitty that will drink from a running faucet!

WoolenSails said...

Unfortunately, she drinks from lots of sources, lol.
Not easy brushing my teeth with her around.

I think she an olivia would be a scary thought, hehe. Can you imagine the trouble those two could conjure up.

My dog will no go near a faucet or a hose, hates baths, but if we go to he beach, he will jump right in.

Before she did that I found stuff from the sink on the floor, so now I know what she was doing. I can imagine what would happen to the house if she dragged a whole tomato through it. She likes to use her claws, way too much.


Brenis said...

LOL!!! Oh my gosh Debbie! #1 - Dora is THE PERFECT name for her!! haha!! (of course i sing it whenever i see her now!)
#2 What an ornery lil thing - with the exception of getting in the fridge, she must think she's totally human! hee hee!
#3 Wonder what it is about tomatoes??
#4 How old is she??

WoolenSails said...

She is about 9 months now. It is like having an oversized kitten, but a kitten stays on the floor, haha. They found her behind the police station, so I have a feeling she was living on garbage for awhile. She also likes watermelon, lol. She is not into canned cat food that much, tonight she decided the dog food was better.