Saturday, August 23, 2008

Garden Veggy Day

I decided I needed to stay home today and get some things done. One of the things I have neglected is the garden. I had a bunch of cucumbers and tomatoes, so I made pickled cucumbers and stewed tomatoes. Of course I could not do it without my trusty helper who has to have her paws into everything. And no, I do not use hairy veggies, they are washed and prepared on the no kitty counters;) As you can see, Dora has to be in the midst of things and her personality has me laughing every day. Suffice to say, I was able to finish things with no disasters and we had a wonderful pot of american chop suey for dinner.

"This yellow thing looks interesting, I wonder if it is any good. Hey Casey, want to try a bite?"

"Now this is not my cup of tea, ick"


Jacque said...

oh Debbie...she is goofy!!! Love the pics! Glad you tended to your garden...what a lot of veggies!

Brenis said...

This cat cracks me up! What a total IMP!!

WoolenSails said...

She is definitely a laugh a day, something we all need. How can you get mad at a kitty like that, no matter what mess she makes, lol. Today it was a teabag, then cleaning it up and being attacked as I moved the rag around.