Friday, February 23, 2024

Friday is for the birds!

 I really tried to put more time into finishing my quilting, but I have one more outer row to go and then the binding, so that will be doable, next week. We have gotten out more and have enjoyed more birding. 

We went to our favorite spot and checked out the further end of the point. No birds in the marsh, but with the rougher waters, I caught a group of gulls, enjoying the beach area. This guy was having fun, taking a bath and splashing around in the water.

In the inner marsh, we caught the resident Belted Kingfisher. 

Bill spotted the female, hiding on a rock. The minute I started to get shots of her, the male decided to chase her away. 

In another section of the marsh, I spotted a group of birds. This one is a Greater Yellowlegs.

And this one is a Dunlin. They look similar but you can see the difference in the beak colors and shapes, and the leg colors. The Dunlin is about half the size of the Yellowlegs.

At the island I caught a group of Red-breasted Mergansers. The males were showing off for the female.

And I caught a group of Greater Scaups. Love their eyes and coloring.

At home we got a snow storm, so I enjoyed seeing the birds who came to visit. I love the Carolina Wrens and was finally able to get a shot of one.

And the White-throated Sparrow, stopped for a visit. Usually they are on the ground and always on the move.

And The Dark-eyed Juncos, snow always brings more around.

And it is that time of year, where the hawks are pairing up again and on the hunt. So far they haven't bothered the birds at the feeder. This one was above my neighbor's chicken coops, lots of wood piles and areas where the mice hide. He is a Red-shouldered Hawk.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the birds in my area. I really never noticed birds and the types, until I started looking. A lot of birds blend in with their surroundings, so you might not even notice them. Also, a feeder is a great way to bring birds to your yard. It is a fun way to bring a little sunshine to the winter and help them get through the colder months.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Great pictures!
The dark eyed junco is too sweet ;-)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your photos are, like always, just incredible. They should be used in books and magazines. Enjoy your weekend! ~Robin~

Fiona said...

lovely pictures. That wren is just gorgeous...

Julie Fukuda said...

I think I am getting spoiled by seeing your wonderful photos on facebook. I have to take a blog visit more often.