Friday, February 16, 2024

Friday Finish!

 This week was quite the week. We had a nice weekend and then got hit with snow on Tuesday. Now it is cold again, so winter is not over yet. I have been looking at old projects that I started and never finished and found one I could do up quickly.

I had made this design before and. used appliqués with stitching, this one is all stitching. I added a fun border and outer stitching. Even though the piece is primitive, I like how the brighter, fun fabric, works with it. 

One day we spent with Bean, he loves to go out with us, but sometimes we like to stop in shops, so he has to stay home. He enjoyed getting out and playing on the beach for a bit. We got to enjoy some birding, while out, as well.

While trying to get a shot of the Kingfisher, I noticed a bunch of cars, stopping in the road, then I noticed why. A Thick-Billed Murre was sitting in the road and didn't want to move. I have a feeling he got stunned by a car. I stood by him, trying to figure out how to get him back in the water, when a policeman came by. He had no idea what to do, so I explained that the bird has to be in the water, they do not walk on land. 

So, the policeman grabbed him and the Murre did not like that, so clamped onto his hand, with his bill, poor guy. But he held on and we walked down to the water and I told him to just throw it up in the air. He did and the Murre flew up enough over the reeds to get in the water and swam away. Our adventure for the day and a first time sighting for me.

After that, we headed to another beach. It was so nice out, that there were a lot more people than usual. I didn't find much on the beach until I spotted this guy. A baby blue lobster, a rare find. He wasn't moving but looked like he had just washed up, so I threw him back in the ocean, since it was going out. I am hoping that the ocean revived him and he lives to grow up, a happy thought.

Tomorrow a little snow flurry and we planned on taking the boys to the seaport, along with my son. They are having a winter fest, with reindeer, ice sculptures and other activities, so hopefully it will move out quickly and we can enjoy the day without freezing. I hope you all enjoy the weekend and find your own adventures.


acorn hollow said...

Great stitched piece. You do have some grand adventures with wildlife

Rugs and Pugs said...

So happy you had a part in saving the Murre!
Was that blue lobster missing a claw?

TheCrankyCrow said...

I'd say that was quite the week. You really do know a lot about birds. I barely know random facts about the species I do see around. I'd likely not know anything about a bird I've never seen. I didn't even know what a thick-billed Murre was, let alone that they can't walk on land. They must be some kin to our loons who are the same with the land thing. We had about 6" of snow on Wednesday night and, yes, the cold followed it in. 12º here now. Brrrr.... Enjoy the festival. I hope the weather cooperates. ~Robin~

Fiona said...

Interesting post.... love your stitched piece and think it's great you knew what to do with the duck.... I never knew there were blue lobster ... and what a lovely colour blue he is...