Friday, February 9, 2024

Friday Foibles!


This week I got the idea to make a heart piece with a wooden heart, I had. I painted the heart in beach colors and then tried to add a paper heart with decoupage. That didn't work, the paper started bubbling up and then ripped as I tried to flatten it. So, I put another paper heart on a piece of cardboard paper to keep it stiff. That held on but just didn't have the look I wanted. So, I just used rug tape to adhere it, then added a cloth heart with tape, so later I can redo it and make it into a summer piece. Maybe even using tape so I can replace the items each season. 

This is what I had in mind when I made it. What I did, with a little photoshop magic to add flowers and items that aren't really there. Happy Valentines.

We had cold weather last weekend, so we just ride around and look for birds, I can shoot from the car. At one beach, I spotted a common eider and a group of Horned larks. One of these days I will get them, when they stay still.

At another beach I caught a Long-tailed Duck. The birds seem to give me that sideways look.

A Great Heron decided he didn't want his photo taken, either, so I just caught him before he flew off.

And I got lucky, when I saw the Belted Kingfisher, sitting on a telephone pole. I had to be sneaky and shoot from the window, so he wouldn't fly off. They are a large bird, he looks small up there.

Yesterday I woke up sick, and Bill came home sick. Since it was early, we decided to drive around the beach areas on the island. I got some pieces of glass, while I walked a bit and spotted this Song Sparrow, hiding in the bush.

At another beach, I spotted a group of Brants. They come down from the arctic to winter in our bays. And again, I get that look.

On the cove side, a Coast Guard ship, goes by the lighthouse in Newport. It was nice to get out, but today I had to rest. I guess we caught what the kids had. We have a nice weekend coming up, so hoping at least to get out for some rides. I hope this finds everyone well, and enjoying a spell of nice weather.


TheCrankyCrow said...

I love the fabric heart you used on your old-looking. Sorry to hear you're sick and wishing you speedy recovery. Nonetheless, you caught some great photos. The kingfisher (they crack me up for some reason) and the brants are my favorites....perhaps because so they are so unusual looking. Enjoy your weekend. Our spring weather has left us, but it still isn't frigid so I'll take it. Guess I don't have a choice anyway. ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

I really like the heart you ended up with a great piece. Sorry you are both sick.
This weekend is spectacular

Fiona said...

Children like to share their germs don't they? I hope you both feel better soon... thats a sweet heart for Valentines and lovely bird pictures.. the kingfisher looks quite regal...

Anonymous said...

I hope you recover quickly! The bird photos are wonderful! as usual and the Valentine is sweet sweet. I admire your creations. Sheepunderfeet