Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday finish!


This week I worked on some new projects and some old. I got a kit to try, so had to do that. Of course, I never follow directions, but mine came pretty close to the original, except for the eyes and I added a tail. It is nice to work from a kit and learn a few new tricks and get ideas for making more, with more details.

I have also been testing kid's kits for bracelets. I finally figured out how to make a Paracord bracelet. Nick likes to make friendship bracelets, so I got a kit for that and to make Paracords, so now I can show him how to make them, when he comes over.

And, I have been working on a block, to balance out the ones I had made, years ago. I was thinking of making it into a long banner style, but not sure if it is too long, so will think that out, the sashing will add to the size, but I can keep that smaller.

Last weekend we rode down to the ocean. A lady informed me, that the waves were over 30 feet, that morning, of course we missed them. But it was still beautiful and a bit rough.

At the wharf, I spotted a bird sitting on a rock, by itself. A first for me, a Razorbill. He didn't seem to mind getting his photo taken.

At home, I have my daily visitors. This Dark-eyed Junco, was enjoying some seed, that he found on the ground.

Today I looked out and spotted this Red-shouldered Hawk. He was sitting above my neighbor's chicken coop. I suspect he was looking for mice and squirrels, that come in for the feed. 

I hope you enjoyed your week. It is a great time of year to put out seed, the birds are more hungry in the winter, since food sources are scarce. It brings me joy to see them every day. 


Fiona said...

Lovely sewing... I think it's good to try out new things every now and then... just to get our brains working a bit..... seems like it has been quite a harsh winter in a lot of places - the birds would need some help with food...

acorn hollow said...

Always great pictures and your always working on fun projects I bet your grandson will love making those bracelets
Cathy said...

Beautiful bird pics!! Sweet cat and what a nice gma to figure out a craft