Friday, July 1, 2022

Friday Finish!

 I can't believe it is July, already. A holiday weekend coming up and I have no plans and no plans to go out in the traffic and crowds that will be hitting the beaches. The kids have been sick all week, so we won't be able to get together. 

I keep busy at home, always something to do and working on projects in my spare time. I am almost finished with my seaport applique, and all I will have to do is the accent stitching and I will be done. I decided to make something quick, I can always use more lavender sachets and I love the simple and prim designs by Deborah Cade. 

We spent a few afternoons at the beach. It seems there are more people now and less glass, but still a nice place to walk since it has a Long Beach. We enjoy watching the boats and wind surfers and of course, finding treasures along the way. I saw a little head sticking out of the sand and pulled out a gingerbread man.

This week I have had a lot of activity with the Baltimore Orioles. The youngsters are coming out and this particular one was full of energy and was picking on its sibling.

It is hard to tell the sex at a young age, but the males will turn a beautiful orange color. This guy was enjoying a mouthful of grape jelly.

Last night, one forgot to follow the others home and decided to hide out on my porch. It hid beneath the feeding basket and fell asleep for the night.

Another regular visitor is a chipmunk that lives next door. He scurries under the fence and comes to fill his cheeks. The other day, Bean scared him when he went to chase the squirrel, this little guy was at the feeder and started running and Bean chased him. This week I have been training Bean to not chase the chipmunk or the bunnies in the yard and he will stop when I say no, so that is good. He won't hurt them, he just stays on their tail till they clear the yard.

Happy Canada day to my friends across the border! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.


JustGail said...

I haven't seen any juvenile orioles yet. Even the Moms/Dads have been scarce at the jelly the last month, but I'm assuming they're busy with sitting on nests or feeding bugs to their young right now.
That series of photos with the sibling orioles is hilarious!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy 4th of July to you and Bill.
God Bless America!

acorn hollow said...

Happy fourth! So sorry the kids have been sick.
you stitch so fast

Julie Fukuda said...

I love your lavender sachets. I have one my daughter got me that lives next to my pillow and helps me fall asleep each night. Hope you have a great holiday. It seems you can get wonderful photos without even leaving your yard.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You do keep busy LOL. That little gingerbread fella is adorable. Great find. Awww....what a sweet little oriole. He/she is probably the sibling that was being picked on. Sorry to hear the kids are ill...hope they get better quickly. Wishing you a good, quiet, holiday. ~Robin~

Grams Jean said...

Thank you for sharing your little friends! They are so CUTE!