Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Finish!

 Another week went by too fast and a project I started, still needs to be finished. Tomorrow is Nick's first communion and since I am not vaccinated, I still wear a mask when I am around people. I started out wanting to wear a blue and white skirt, but realized I only have black shoes and purse and not in the mood to buy more, so I am going with a black and white skirt. I made up a couple of masks to go with it and these came out better than the last, so more comfortable. They look more bold in the photo, but the colors blend into the black, so good for church. I made a blue, just in case I need one and also good for doc visits, if I ever go to one, lol.

Spending time outside is what makes me happy and we get out, every chance that we can. Saturday we spend at a bird Sanctuary. Beautiful place to walk and beautiful views at the end points.

We saw a lot of birds, most were flying off, but I was able to grab a few shots. A Northern Cardinal, Yellow Warbler, Yellow Rumbed Warbler and a Swamp Sparrow.

They cleared a section on a point, so we were able to walk out and discover a hidden Osprey nest. She was looking down at me and not too happy that I had spotted her. The other nest is on the opposite side and further away.

We also met a few critters along the way, spotting three deer, hidden in the bush and a few snakes who were out on the paths, enjoying some sun.

On Sunday we took the boys out in the afternoon. They were all in for going to our new beach. They had fun exploring and Nick found quite a few good pieces this time.

And Grandma found her own good haul. A beautiful, large lavender and marbles.

Another day this week we found less and then checked another spot, we had heard about. Not a lot, but I found a few nice treasures. We also got to watch, as they put a few boats into the water.

Another day we went and the tide was out most of the way. I was able to walk up the beach, lots of homes but most are vacant till summer. While hunting, I just take my phone, easier to carry and I can snap shots on the go. 

My finds of the day. It seems the marbles always end up in the same area. I almost threw that black piece back, it really looks like a funny shaped rock, but I stuck it in my pocket and forgot, till I got home.

Well, good thing I did. I put it on a flashlight and this is what I saw. What a great find, but a shame that you can't see the color without a bright light. I definitely need to come up with a lighted shadow box for my dark treasures.

Today we went for a short visit, but I found some really large pieces of green bottle stems. The weekend is going to be cold and windy, so I doubt we will be beaching. I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy the week ahead. It looks like warm weather is heading our way, and hopefully in yours.


TheCrankyCrow said...

I love the fabrics you chose for the masks.... I need to make a fabric run for some stitching backs. I have quite a bit, but never the "right" one it seems LOL. I am always amazed at all the sights you see and treasures you find on your outings. I can't help but wonder how certain things end up in the marbles?? A golf ball?? LOL. We are hovering (currently) somewhere around "normal" temps for this time of least the past few days, but the wind is back. (Actually not sure it really ever just left...just got tired and took a break for an afternoon.) Someone said, though, we are to get near 80 next week. I'll believe that when I feel it. Happy weekend Debbie... Have fun at the first communion celebration. ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

So when do you start your beach glass room addition? You are going to need it!
Enjoy Nick's First Communion. How quickly the grands are growing!