Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Finish!


Another week came and went by too fast. I was able to finish a new project, a design by Kathy Schmitz. It  was the perfect design for a hot pad and I had fun with bright colors. The pattern was wonky with the lines, so of course, it came out more wonky with my bad cutting, but still fun.

Last weekend was windy, so we took a drive and checked out a state beach that also has a campground. It is more like a giant parking lot, but nice since you are on the breakway and an ocean beach. I tried to get a few shots, but hard with the wind blowing me.

We also hit the new beach on the island. I love going there, rarely anyone around and great views. The area is getting busy again so we won't be able to use it, since it is a private beach.

And even with the tide higher up and coming in, we found some nice treasures.

Today I spent the day cleaning and cooking, then we headed to the beach for a few hours. Came home and got dinner heated up, had the boys dropped off, and they just left, so quite a busy day. I should sleep good tonight. The fog was heavy today and the tide was coming in, but it always throws in some nice pieces and Bill found an old rooster head. I found a Purple Sea Urchin that had washed up.

At home I have enjoyed birding. A few of my regular visitors. The Red Belly Woodpecker is twice the size of the Downy Woodpecker. 

I was in the yard and spied the resident of the new birdhouse, a House Wren and a shy Catbird. It looks like the heat is coming in this weekend, so the beaches will be crowded and too hot to hike, so not sure what we will be up to. After today, maybe sleep in, lol. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Shelley said...

I think your hot mat looks lovely!😍 the pattern is very cute and well stitched... And, aren't played so much more interesting when wonky😊 new to me is the cat bird, never seen or heard of one before..always nice to learn new things. It was 32C here today, no breeze😦

Rugs and Pugs said...

I am always gobsmacked by the amount of glass you find every time you go out.
Amazing bird pics once again.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I always look forward to seeing the ocean treasures you've collected during the week....LOVE the purple urchin!!! The hot pad is adorable. I love catbirds....I can't help but smile when I hear them. The past 2 days were bizarrely hot for us for this time of year...we even hit 91º. Winds and storms have rolled through though and it is cooler...MUCH cooler.