Saturday, December 4, 2021

Friday finishes!

 I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, taking down fall and putting up Christmas decorations. I used less than I usually do and rearranged a few things for a little change. I have definitely have too much and today my sister went home with a box of goodies.

Last year I made up two stitcheries by Kathy Schmitz in two color schemes and I finally finished those off. My son said he loves the blue one, which is my favorite too. The little stars are done in glitter thread. Then I used the glitter thread on the border stitches.

I also used most of the balsam by making simple little pillows to give out or add to a package. I found the moose buttons last year and this was a fun way to use them.

I have been enjoying watching the birds from my porch, a new one I haven't seen is the female, Brown Headed Cowbird in the larger photo. I guess she got left behind when the rest headed south.

And one of the pesky squirrels who steal all the bird food.

A few of the decorations I have put up, a bit of this and that, primitive and fun pieces.  I  hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Great finishes as always! I treasure the little balsam pillow you sent me a few years ago...and it still smells heavenly.

Fiona said...

Love the little stitcheries.... and the birds are sweet.... I think the squirrel is sweet too but I understand the peskiness...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oooo....balsam stuffed anything sounds yummy. Your decor looks very festive.... Don't all of us have "too much" when it comes to holidays we love?? (Even some we just tolerate LOL). I know squirrels are pesky...and I am constantly shooing the mischievious-er than most red squirrels out of my border gardens, but that squirrel in your photo is adorable. What a fantastic photo! ~Robin~

Olde Dame Holly said...

It's looking a lot like Christmas at your place now! I hope the cowbird can get where she needs to go!

acorn hollow said...

You are always so creative. It is beginning to look a lot like christmas! love your bird pictures as always.