Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday Finish and Weekly Meanderings!


I hope everyone fared well, through the storm. It was not bad at all here, we got a lot of rain but not much wind. We had plans to go camping today for a long weekend but I cancelled since I wasn't sure if it would be bad and there is rain, on and off, this weekend. This way I can relax at home a bit more and get out for a few hours of fun during the nice hours.

I was able to finish some new pieces this week. The new stitchery of the month is always fun to do and I will sell a few and gift others. On these I did black stitching on one and matching colors on the other. I would like to see if I can find a stiffer fabric so I can color and blend better. 

When Bill gets home from work, we go to the beach on the island. I always love the ride and it is never crowded, later in the day. We had a lot of fog this week, but I love the cool air. I used the iPhone for these photos. This is a view to the left of the beach.

And looking back to the right side.

A view from the small beach at the end. You can get to it by climbing through a little tunnel, but it is collapsing and I don't think I will fit, much longer.

Today we waited for the storm to calm down and headed back to the beach. We got a little wet when showers came by, but it kept me cool. We also went to a beach on the Northern side, it was nice to have the place to ourselves.

I have been collecting beach finds this week. Not as much since we tend to hit the higher tide, but we were able to find a bit more today, the glass on the left side. A couple of pieces of old pottery and a little bracelet. The tide was low but with the storm, the water levels and water was higher, so it was taking more debris than it was giving.

And I had some new visitors today. A couple of Turkey moms and their babies. I caught them walking across my long fence but by the time I grabbed the camera they were heading off and took off when they saw me. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope that you all find a little joy and adventure in your lives.


acorn hollow said...

I really like your finishes as always. Your phone takes pretty good pictures my phone is so old time for an upgrade.

Carol S. said...

Your pillows are beautiful! Looks like some fun times in the water.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I have always looked forward to your weekend posts...your week's creations and your finds, feathered friends and beautiful beach snippets. Your phone takes really good pictures....Mine used to, but something has changed in my eyesight I think as the photos that look acceptable on my phone/ipad are sorely lacking when I see them on my pc and blog. What glorious treasures you reaped this week....The bracelet is a mermaid lost hers.... And those little round turquoise colored pieces of glass...they are so perfect. I wonder what they were or were from? Glad you survived the storm without incident. ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sweet little turkey baby ;-)

QuiltGranma said...

Time at the beach is wonderful, glad you got to get it in!