Friday, July 30, 2021

Friday Finish and Finds!


This week I got two free designs from Theodore Cleave Designs. I receive her newsletter and she offered them if you emailed her, so I couldn't resist. Her designs are fun and whimsical and a joy to make. I still have a bunch of stitcheries that I need to make into a quilt, from years ago.

These are nice since I can work them up into pillows and they will be nice as gifts or for sale. I went with a black outline and bright colors, perfect for Christmas.

I also spent the afternoons at the beach, the tide was midway most of the time and the waves were high and powerful, so not the easiest way to find glass, but I found quite a few nice pieces.

Most of the time, the beach was empty but a few people came to enjoy the beautiful weather on some days. Today while we were there, they were having a wedding on the beach. On this day, we had a sky writer who did some music symbols over Newport, where they are having the folk festival.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and fun plans for the weekend. 


acorn hollow said...

are you collecting glass or do you have plans to do something with it? Your pillow is darling. It has been one odd summer for sure our poor veggie garden will not produce much.
I do wonder what winter will bring.

Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

I always love the glass you find. I had forgotten about sky writers. Remember when that was popular and new? Well, I'm old, so I do...enjoy the beautiful weather because winter might have some mischief in mind!

Julie Fukuda said...

Let's see ... what do I have to show for a week? You are way ahead of me. The pillow is so cute and your glass collection is increasing. They might make an interesting mosaic. I liked beach combing on the Pacific NW coast. The best goodies were amber and petrified wood.

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