Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday Finish!

I actually had time to finish a few pillows this week. I had a few days of down time from getting sick, so it was nice to relax but then I had to do a weeks work in two days, lol. 

The design is by Kathy Schmitz for the Stitch club. She shows different versions and types of stitches you can use, but I have fun coloring them in and I am lazy. I added lavender to bother and one I antiqued because I had a little red running on a few spots. I plan on selling them at an upcoming camp, yard sale to help defray the costs of camping and a cat sitter.

I do have a hard time deciding on prices, it is a yard sale but these are new, hand stitched and filled with lavender. They are about 6" square, would love to hear what. you think they are worth.

We made it back to camp today and I decided to get out for a little paddle. No matter how I feel, being out on the water rejuvenates me and I was able to paddle and bird watch for a few hours.

I saw this pair of Grackles, one was waiting patiently while the other took a bath.

I also visited the Mother Hummingbird, who is getting used to me watching her, and a Red Tailed Hawk flew over for a bit.

And Bill insisted that he had to have ice cream, so we took a trip down the road, to ButtonWoods Farm to satisfy his craving and I enjoyed watching the cows. I have no idea what kind of cows are what, I think these were for milking and I noticed a few had extremely large bellies, so lots of calves are coming.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy your weekend.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Weekend Debbie.... Hope things are well. It sounds that it is for the most part....well, other than being ill. I love the photo of the humming bird on her nest. I have not yet seen any here, although I thought I had heard that someone only about 20 miles south of me did. I think I need to get the feeders out in any event. It's been a cold start here to spring. Your little sachet pillows are very sweet...I, however, would have no idea of pricing. ~Robin~

acorn hollow said...

Love your pillows! you are enjoying your camping for sure and great shots

Rugs and Pugs said...

That is one strange looking cow!!!

Olde Dame Holly said...

I believe that is a beef cow, a red Angus. I think your pillows are lovely. The bad thing about selling handmade goods is that people don't want to pay what they are worth! Maybe look on Etsy for similar ones, although the prices there vary so much, too. It's such pretty work I'd hate to see them go for too little.

Susan said...

The price you sell the pillows for and what they are worth may not be the same thing at all! If you kept track of time in the making of them, then use a formula that includes how much per hour you need to charge. People are always looking for bargains, but handmade items are NOT thrift shop items! Does your guild have bazaar table at local shows?