Friday, May 7, 2021

Weekday Aventures!


This week has been a whirlwind of activity and going back and forth to camp, so no time to create. While I have the time and opportunity to get out more, I am using my time to be active and get back in shape. Every day I go for walks withe Bean and paddling on the river.

I have a small sit on that I use, it makes it easier to get into coves and shallow coves. One day I explored into a river way that had two small falls and now that the water is higher, I was able to scoot over them and see what was on the other side.

It opened up into a larger river, surrounded by forest and stumps, unfortunately I couldn't find out where the Blue Heron was hiding, probably on the other side, that I couldn't get into.

I was able to find a spot to sit at, in the larger pond. I could hear and see the birds, so I sat still until a few were curious enough to land nearby. A Yellow Warbler and a Red Winged Blackbird.

And one day the Geese came to the boat launch and I was able to get closer to the Goslings.

With the higher waters, I was able to get further up into the river. I admit, I get a bit scared, being out in the middle of nowhere by myself, but I kept going to reach the fork in the river. It is a beautiful area, nothing but nature and the sound of birds. A lot of turtles along the banks. I only took my phone with me, so wasn't able to get close ups.  

I also found a place called Heron Cove, but no Herons in sight. I did find a nice trail and realized that it goes back into the state forest, maybe a hike for another time.

And, we went for a little ride up the road and I found this little old Schoolhouse, the Wylie Schoolhouse. It looks like it had some damage and the Bell was missing. It has two outhouses in the back.

I snuck a peak inside by pressing my camera against the window, would be fun to go inside. I hope you all had a wonderful week and find adventures in your own area. Lots of hidden treasures when. you take the roads less taken.

Last night we came home, I got laundry done, food cooked for the weekend and plan on staying at camp over the weekend. Maybe then I will stop and relax for a bit and work on my quilting.


Rugs and Pugs said...

You just always do such fun stuff!!!

Shasta Matova said...

That does sound like a great adventure. Beautiful photos of the birds!

Fiona said...

love those little goslings...

Julie Fukuda said...

Wonderful pictures. I wish I had that much to show for my week!

Olde Dame Holly said...

Thank you so much for sharing your adventures! Very fun to follow along. I admire that you are getting into shape. That is so difficult to do. And kayaking!!! So far along the river, very brave. I love the goslings so much. Such sweet eyes at this stage! The little schoolhouse interior is a rare sight. I hope you enjoy your camp weekend!

acorn hollow said...

your adventures sound wonderful! you seem to be really enjoying your time at the campground it was a good thing for sure. I hope you husband is healing and getting better every day