Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday this and that!

 No finishes this week, I did work on my stitchery, but forgot to take a photo of my progress. It seems I spend the weekend at camp, come home, do a million things to catch up and then a few days getting ready to go back to camp, definitely need to organize my time better.

I did get out for some nice paddles last weekend. Even if I cannot get photos of all I see, I do enjoy the solitude of being on the water and just watching the natural world around me.

I was able to finally catch the Great Blue Heron, he doesn't like to be bothered and when some paddlers got too close, he went up to the treetops. 

The next day I was able to catch him fishing. I can only get so close before he takes off and the pond always seems to be windy, so hard to stay still myself.

I enjoy watching the Hummingbirds in the area, they are all about and my neighbor has a bunch of feeders, so I was able to catch one at her camp.

I was also able to catch a different angle of the Hummingbird mom on her nest. 

While on the river, I spied a nesting Redwing Blackbird. They do not like it when you come near, so I was very quiet and took a few shots without disturbing her. 

I also spied an Eastern Kingbird along the river.

And the two Goslings are growing.

And since we are inland most of the time, I just had to get out for some beach time. The bad thing was, our favorite spot is open to camping, so we went to the other side of the island.

And I was lucky enough to find a few nice pieces of glass and pottery, unusual for that beach but I hit the tide just right. I hope everyone's week went well and you enjoy some time to enjoy time outside.


acorn hollow said...

I love the pictures of the nests it is amazing how they make their nests so much hard work. You are enjoying your time at camp it looks like.

Kate said...

I love the photos Debbie. It is truly amazing to see the Hummingbird on her nest.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Just beautiful Debbie! I have always loved the herons...and have spied a few here in the past week or so. I am sure there are more at the lake. Your "camp/home/camp" routine sounds a bit like mine for the lake in the nicer months. I have not been there, however, since the last of February as I am having a redo project on my bedroom and bath. (Yes, it is taking an inordinately long time.) I may just crrash the place for the holiday weekend though. ~Robin~

Olde Dame Holly said...

What beautiful pictures. I just marvel at your photographs.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your hummingbird pictures are amazing.