Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday finish and Fotos!

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. It was not with family for most of us, but we can still treat ourselves. For me it was Clam chowder and Clam cakes. I made enough for an army, but we enjoyed the leftovers.

This is how mine came out. I follow recipes but change them up to fit my diet. I do not. use spices in my chowder, but I do use salt pork, you have to have that. I also use twice the amount of clams, I like a thick chowder and cakes full of clams.

During the week I worked on finishing my challenge piece for the groups, Quilts by Cheri. We were given the dimensions and sizes for the background, then told to use baskets from her older patterns and make them into something new for ourselves. This is what I came up with and it fits perfectly on a side table I have in the guest room.

On Saturday we went for a short ride around town. It was nice to just get out and we spotted two osprey nests. One I will have to go back to, so I can get close ups, when they are in the nest.

Sunday was another drive to the ocean. We took the side roads and spotted two more nests in the salt marshes. One was closer, but she was not happy that I walked through the bush to get closer.

Today we took a drive, but Bean came and that made it hard to get out for walks, since all the places we found said, no dogs allowed. We did find a new boat launch, hidden behind some houses. It was really beautiful and quiet, but mostly marsh.

There was a bridge you could walk on, the problem, I didn't realized that where Bill is, is in Rhode Island, another step and you are in Connecticut, so I accidentally crossed the state line. And if that wasn't bad enough, I wanted to get a photo of a cardinal in the tree, on the other side. There was a big pile of mud at the end of the bridge, so I stepped on it to see if it was solid. Well, it was not solid and that was when I saw the actually color underneath, it was cow manure, lol. The farmer put it there to keep people from coming onto his land, and I was the idiot who stepped in it.

Further up river there was an abandoned mill, so we drove around and stayed on the RI side to get photos. I was surprised to see so many Double Crested Cormorants along the river, I guess they decided fishing in the river was easier than the ocean. These two are a funny looking pair.

Our final destination was an old cemetery along the larger part of the river, but it was windy and cold and no dogs allowed. It is one of those places that you can walk in, for hours, so we will go back on a nice day without Bean. We were treated to another nest along the river, this one was built on a large crane, so I guess they won't be using that, for awhile.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. We are expecting some rain and cold so I am not sure if we can get out tomorrow, maybe a ride around the island to see what is open for walks and the views. Bill is on 4 day shifts now, so he goes back in on Sunday, then he gets four days off, just wish he got the nice days off. Be safe and find joy in the simple things in your area.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy Friday and Weekend-to-be Debbie! Your chowder and cakes look delicious! I would love to try some "authentic" versions. I love your Cheri piece!! She sure left a hole in so many people's hearts...I am glad to see how her memory (and designs) are being honored. Too funny about the "state line" issue...reminds me of when I sorta entered Portugal illegally.... Not so funny about he farmer's trap. Yikes... Beautiful photos as always... Osprey nests have always fascinated me. But I think the nest on the crane takes the proverbial cake this time around. Too funny! Take care...and hope you get some more outings in soon ~ Robin~

Julie Fukuda said...

All the big nests in our area are made by Jungle Crows ... about the size of American ravens. Your little basket piece is just darling. I wish I could be reading this while enjoying a taste of clam chowder too It has been a very long time since I had anybut I'm drooling just looking at the picture.

acorn hollow said...

you had quite the adventure! Some nice shots and a great finish. you are keeping yourself busy for sure. I love clams steamed or fried is my favorite but I never turn down clam chowder. did you put tomato in yours it looks a bit red in the picture.

Rugs and Pugs said...

So you are not allowed to leave the state?
Sorry, but too funny about the cow dung. Sounds like something I would have done :(
You always take the best pictures!
Love the applique piece. Another productive week for you.

Shasta Matova said...

That is a beautiful place to visit! Thank you for sharing the photos, so we can visit too without sacrificing our shoes! Your basket quilt is really pretty.

Kate said...

Sounds like an interesting adventure, Debbie. Always enjoy your photos. I like your table mat.

Susan said...

Amazing next photographs! I love your Cheri runner, too.