Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Finishes!

I hope everyone faired well during the recent storms. We got hit with a lot of rain and wind, but so far our power has stayed on.

This week I made a couple of items. I got a book from a thrift store and wanted to make the flag pattern. The book is Handmade in the USA by Kindred Spirits. My original idea was to mount the piece on wood, but I didn't have any good wood so I decided to try it on a canvas frame. I used various vintage papers for the background, but thought it needed to be toned down, and basically, I ended up painting over it and then I did some stenciled stars.

First I antiqued the canvas, then I antiqued the flag and once it was dry, I attached it with a decoupage medium. It worked great, the flag lay flat and it is hardened into the background. The problem was, I had used a little of the black stain for antiquing and the medium made that run throughout the piece. The flag came out too dark and the background lighter, so not the look I was going for. I think another problem was, I rushed to get it all together and should have given the piece, a day to dry thoroughly.

I had to lighten it up, so you could see how the flag looks, so the stars are lighter than the actual piece, as well.

Another piece is a lavender sachet, using Kathy Schmitz's newest pattern, from the stitch club. I have a lot of items in boxes, so I can always use more sachets, though this one is so pretty, it is a shame to hide it.

Last weekend we got out for rides, but no eagles. Of course I found some new, old graveyards and a wonderful old church that will be perfect for an art piece or maybe a new punch needle pattern. I do not show photos of items I will be using in art, but I took a few of the unique graveyards.

And the only bird that I could capture this week was a turkey vulture. I thought it was the hawks at first, but this is what I got a shot of.  It was good practice with the new lens, I wasn't sure if I could get good shots of birds in the air and this guy was also far away, so I am pleased with the results. The good thing about getting a better quality lens is that you can get a better result when editing the photo.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and find your own adventures.


Susan said...

That's an amazing shot of the vulture, so clear! I like your flag, and I know I'm not seeing it as it actually is, but I like the darker splotches. Kathy's things always look so pretty in your work. I love old graveyards. So many interesting things to find. If I were buried in one, I think I'd be happy to see wanderers enjoying the peace and finding interesting bits of history.

Have a great weekend!

Fiona said...

lovely photo's and a pretty stitchery....

acorn hollow said...

You always take wonderful pictures. We had ice and snow and now below zero we did not loose power but we did loose cable which was fine of the two I prefer to lose cable.
your always so good at finishes each week.I aspire to be like you

Rugs and Pugs said...

What cool gravestones!

QuiltGranma said...

Areas near us have flooding issues, but nothing we HAVE to worry about ourselves, as long as we don't NEED to go to the big city... Currently 50 degrees out, and this is early February! last year we were snowed under for the whole month!