Friday, February 21, 2020

Friday Finishes!

This week I got the flu, first real flu in years. I get a lot of them, but usually I can keep going, this one has me worn out, so I am resting more than usual. Though for me, that means, laundry, cooking dinner, dishes, and I still have to vacuum, lol. With a nice weekend coming up, I really want to get out and get some eagle shots and spend a day with the boys, so hopefully the meds will kick in by tomorrow.

I cannot stand sitting and doing nothing, so I made up a few easy projects for the week. I did work on my punch needle, but I still have more to go and not sure if I am happy with the background color, so thinking on that.

Michelle Palmer offered a free design on her Facebook page. The punched piece I am working on, is also one of her designs. This one can be done in any medium, but I decided to do a stitchery. I had fun coloring it in and doing a little shading, to make it a bit more artsy, which her originals are like.

The next piece I had gotten on one of our trips to Connecticut. They have a wonderful quilt store, but not a lot of patterns, but they do carry a few from my favorite designers. This one is by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night. It is part of a set, for a full sized dog quilt. This one was perfect by itself, to make into a pillow.

The pillow measures 13" x 9". A nice size to sit on my chest, with my bunny pillows.

Last weekend we lucked out and found an eagle, at a pond in RI. This guy was across the lake, but still fun to see him. I also found out where the photographers are getting shots of a pair, that are closer to shore, so I am hoping to get up there, tomorrow.

We also stopped at a few places and found a new bike path. Hopefully I can find a doctor who actually treats patients and get back my strength, I really want to do more biking this year. A lot of the bike paths in Connecticut are old railroad lines, so they cross over trestle bridges.


And we ordered a new trailer. I was disappointed with the small class C. It had everything we needed, a real bedroom with storage, a decent kitchen, but the only seats were the table and it was hard and stiff, so not great for comfort. It would be great for day trips and weekends, but way too tight for longer stays, I need my space, lol.

So, we went with a larger trailer. It was cheaper and we got a lot more for the price. It doesn't have much more sleeping space, but enough to take the boys with us and the back chairs move, so we can always set up a blow up bed for my son and DIL. The boys are small enough to sleep on the table bed. It will be more for us, something I can relax in, something I can cook in and I don't have to put my clothes in the bathtub, lol.

Here is a little peak of the one we looked at. This is the one we wanted, but of course, someone came in and bought it, the day before. so we have to wait a few months, since ours is from the factory, but will be an even newer model.

Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully your weather will be as nice as ours.


Kate said...

Loving both of your pillows Debbie. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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Allie said...

Aw I hope you're feeling better soon, Debbie! I love your pillows and your new trailer, wow - you'll enjoy that!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Michelle has some wonderful patterns!
I hope you are feeling better. No fun being sick.

Fiona said...

rest well after the flu..... some lovely needlework and many more happy memories to be made in your new trailer...

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ewww to the flu...hope you recover quickly Debbie. Lots of it making the rounds. I've been fortunate so far. Sweet little pillows... You get more done sick than I do well LOL. The eagle is beautiful...we had a pair make their nest and raise their 2 babies in a nest right outside our front door...but they seem to have gone elsewhere for the winter. Sure hope they come back. And congrats on the trailer! Looks like fun! We considered getting one as several of our friends have them and do a lot of traveling with them...but, it has happened yet, and now I doubt that it will. I know you will enjoy it with the kiddos. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS....LOVE the old cemeteries you've found! One of my favorite haunts LOL....)

Susan said...

I really like the pillow. I would have been tempted to use buttonhole applique on the hearts and the circles, but your coloring looks great! Thanks for a peek at your coming RV. I miss full-timing SO much! Beautiful eagle shot! I hope you found the pair today.

acorn hollow said...

congrats on the new trailer and lots of happy memories to be made.
You are always so productive I love your pieces.