Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday working on!

This week was catch up with cleaning and repacking the trailer for the next trip. We have three days at the state park, right on the pond, so I plan on swimming and paddling, as well as some biking, if it is not too hot.

Or course I need a project to work on, since there are no hook ups, I wanted something I can do in lower lighting. Hand quilting is perfect and I need a runner for the fall, so I am working on putting one together, so I can sit and stitch during my rest time.

I used what I had, most is from my friend Kelley's stash, love the older fabrics and it has a prim, but fun print on most of them. I think two more blocks will be enough, and I will add a black sashing around the blocks, which should pull it together nicely. Then I will add the black as a border row. I think it might look more like halloween, than fall, though.

I used my phone, so not the best photo. I buy yardage of black linen, great for borders.
The blocks are 15" and I think 1" sashing should be enough. It won't be perfect or all matched, but I want to use what I have and it also serves as a sleeping spot for Moki, so for now, fancy applique is out. I will use black pearl cotton to stitch with.

Here is a close up of the main fabrics, they show the colors better.

I also have been keeping an eye on the Keets, for some reason the other Guinea Hen is picking on the mom. They chase her away and she runs off and leaves the babies, who get all upset and run around chirping. She does come back, but no idea whey they pick on her and today they even picked on the babies, so I have been chasing them off.

While I was putting out seed for them, I found this little guy on the ground. It is a baby Cedar Waxwing. I assume it fell out of one of the pine trees and was stunned, so I bought it on the porch for a few hours and it took a nap, then I placed it high in on of the crooks, of a pine. The mom will come back and help feed it,  until it is ready to fly on it's own.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and remember to check your lawns before mowing. A lot of babies are leaving their nests and baby bunnies, as well.


acorn hollow said...

always so creative. enjoy your next camping trip

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Cute runner~ the prints are so fun! Have a great camping trip!

PaulaB quilts said...

That will be a charming runner for the fall. It will go all the way to Thanksgiving! It sounds like you have a constant problem with bird patrol. How fortunate that you found a little birdie. Enjoy your week camping.