Friday, July 19, 2019

Working on Friday!

Not a lot got done this week, seems I am still dragging from taking the kids out. I really have to stop lifting Alex, it does me in, every time. Add the heat to that and it is just miserable, so mostly resting, swimming and a little stitching.

I am finally getting close to finishing my stitchery, by Kathy Schmitz. Since it is so large, I have decided to make it into a lap quilt. I will add a border, than blocks, then another border. I have lots of precut squares that will go nice with it. The design is 16" x 20".

I have also been enjoying the birds in my yard. I showed you a photo of the baby robins, well this is what they look like after one week, they sure grow fast. The other day I noticed them standing up and ruffling their wings and yesterday they were gone.

Mama robin is still close by and feeding them, until they are ready to go out on their own. I think they are in my neighbors yard, since I saw her go behind the fence with a worm.

Lots of birds this week, I think most of the houses are empty now, except for the beach house, I can still hear chirping. It is fun to see the new ones, flitting about the trees, testing their wings.

And today I saw 8 large birds, flying over head. I was all excited, thinking they were hawks, but after closer inspection of my photos, I realized they were turkey vultures, lol. I have never seen so many in our area.

And the final visitor today was a surprise. Two guinea hens came across the street and they had a group of Keets with them. Of course I worried that they would get hit, not sure why they are allowed to wander around. I kept an eye on them and the minute dusk came, they hunkered down in the thickets behind our trailer. Hopefully nothing comes by tonight, the hens are known for leaving their young, the birds are a bit daft.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have been up to this week and the feathered friends in my area. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and be careful in this heat wave.


acorn hollow said...

the Guinea hens are great for eating ticks so that is a plus. we still have a chick a dee feeding her young in our bird house they work so hard to raise their family.
Your stitching is lovely as always. Stay cool i am already sick of the heat and it just got here ick.

Saundra said...

Your stitchery will make a lovely lap quilt. Looking forward to the colors you chose for the borders. After breakfast I must go use the push mower to cut Ben's backyard since the rider mower doesn't fit thru the gate nor in tight places. The rest of the yard can wait since that is on the rider. But the back yard is past my ankles.

Karen said...

That is a big stitchery design. Did you trace all the lines or simplify a little bit? Sometimes Kathy's designs can be a bit intimidating with all the little squiggles and lines.

Dawn said...

Gorgeous embroidery!
We have a lot of birds this year, but no nests in sight. Yours is very sweet.

Fiona said...

how lovely to have a great variety of birds to watch.... and a fabulous stitchery to do too.... HOpe you have a lovely weekend...

Rugs and Pugs said...

That is a HUGE stitchery! Lookin' good.
That guinea hen is too sweet. You always get the best pictures :)

Susan said...

It's so nice that your stitchery is almost finished - beautiful job! Your birds are wonderful. You are so kind to share all the ones you see there. I don't think I've seen guinea fowl in real life, but that was a wonderful picture.

Allie said...

That stitchery pattern is just gorgeous!! I love all of her designs! I like the idea of making it a lap quilt, can't wait to see the blocks you add. You sure have a lot of feathered friends! We're overrun with bunnies and fawns at the moment, sigh.

Heather said...

You're having a very feathered summer! How sweet! Love your new work, thats an impressive piece!