Thursday, July 25, 2019

New project!

We are getting ready to go camping for a 3 day weekend, so I have spent most of the week, getting ready. It would be much easier if I could eat out or quick food, but I have to cook with my allergies, so today I made chicken wings and macaroni salad, so all we have to do is eat, no cooking or mess to clean up.

Of course I need a project to work on, I do plan on relaxing more, so I made up a stitchery. This is another large one and it will be a gift for the kids, so I can work on it, a bit at a time. I had to just use short first names since Ivy has no middle name and it really was too small for me to sew. I also changed the sayings, they were longer and nice ones, but too small and this way it is more of a house blessing.

I am still unsure how I will finish it, I am thinking about making a nice reclaimed board to put it on. I think it is too big to be a pillow.

My tracing is horrid, but I try and stitch better than the marks look.

I have been keeping an eye out for the Guinea Hen babies, which are called Keets. I read that they will stay alone until the babies are old enough, then they rejoin the flock. The only others I have seen are the two, I call Laurel and Hardy, they are the daftest birds and very vocal.

Today I went out with bird seed and they let me get close, and just moved a few feet away. Once I dropped the food, they came running, so they are getting used to me. I love watching the Keets, they are so cute and just as busy as their parents, spending most of the day, eating bugs off my lawn, which is fine with me.

It is hard to get a good photo, they never stay still.

And if you look closely, you can see how funny their heads are, instead of a tuft of feathers, they have a horn on top of their heads.

I posted a day early since we are leaving tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


acorn hollow said...

have a wonderful time camping. Love your new project

Saundra said...

Their heads do look weird. I've never seen a picture of them up close like that before, am most familiar with the thin neck and big body. Hope weather is accommodating.

Allie said...

Have a wonderful, relaxing time Debbie!! Sounds fun! I love that family stitchery you're doing for the kids!

Fiona said...

Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time... lovely stitching you are doing for the children.. very special. I love guinea fowl....

Susan said...

Wonderful Guinea Hen pics! At least there were still four keets! The stitchery will be just lovely. That will make a wonderful thing in their home. Enjoy your weekend! Wish I were going to be parked next to you. =)

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh those are funny heads!
Your new project is going to be very cool.
Happy camping :)

Shasta Matova said...

I hope you have a great camping trip! That stitchery is so precious - it will be a treasure for sure!

Julie Fukuda said...

Your new project is going to be wonderful. I hope your next trip goes smoothly and you can get in some relaxing time too. I don't think I have ever seen a guinea fowl in real life. What a strange bird!