Monday, July 1, 2019

Weekend Wanderings!

We had a nice weekend, even though storms rolled in, both days. I check the weather map in motion to figure out when the storms will hit, so I can plan how long we have. It was pretty accurate and we were able to spend a few days on the beach with time to get home before it hit.

On Saturday we went to East Matunuck Beach. It is a long beach, with an area at one end, that is roped off for the birds, so we walked that way first. Lots of rocks and plenty of driftwood and I have been thinking of ideas, for using it. Today it is sitting in a bleach wash, then I can sun dry it tomorrow.

We decided we had time to walk to the other end, which comes to a breaker wall, the opening to the Salt Pond area.  Bill was enjoying the view.

And this is the view, Bill was looking at, Galilee, this is where the fishing boats and ferries come in. As you can see, the fog was coming in, as well.

Sunday warned of early storms, so I noticed that the last area to get hit was Jamestown, so it would give us more time out.

We found our own little piece of heaven, with a few friendly visitors enjoying a quiet swim.

Bean got to come this time, he had lots of fun playing with another pup and being silly in the water. Here he is, showing his walking on water skills.

Here he is, levitating rocks.

A close up of the sailboat in the cove. Love the old sail, on her.

And before we left, the racers and larger sailboats were coming in, to beat the storm.  Newport is in the background.

And I didn't leave, empty handed. It was a rocky beach and not much glass on the surface, but by digging through the piles, I was able to find some nice pieces. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and found your own adventures.


gracie said...

I miss walking the NE coastline collecting shells, driftwood and beach glass. You don not find any here I the Arizona desert!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Looks like Bean was enjoying himself!

acorn hollow said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves.

Meta said...

Envious of all the beach glass you collect. How lucky you are. 😁😁

Lori said...

Such a beautiful place!! Love that sailboat!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love seeing all that open area and blue sky. I am waiting to see what happens with all that sea glass.