Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vacation adventures!

This has been another weird vacation. Being last minute and the fact that I don't have a cat sitter, I have to come home every day to check on them and clean the mess up, then a load of laundry goes in and any shopping. We also wash our dishes here, since the area is still under an E coli, water ban. We have plenty of water and filled our tanks before leaving, but still a pain. We love to get coffee down the road, but I do not trust buying anything from the local shops, so I have to settle for coffee bags.

Our site is nice, but a bit small and surrounded by overgrowth, so that makes it private, but kills the view. I can see the beach and ocean when I am in the trailer, but the other problem, if the bush weren't there, I would be watching cars go by, which is what I hear all day and night. It is the main access road to the fishing port.

It has also been too hot, but having the beach nearby and weekdays, we can go with Bean and enjoy the fresh ocean breezes. I also spend my time hunting for glass and have found some nice pieces of glass and more pottery pieces. Not as much, but nicer pieces.

We also made a friend. We met him on the first night and every day that I go down, he comes over when he sees me and follows me around. I did bring him some food, he liked our fried chicken nuggets, but not much else. I even found a fresh minnow for him and he loved that, lol. I found a contact for rescue and sent them a message with photo, so hopefully they can help him. In this photo it looks like his wing is broken at the joint, which means it won't heal.

Luckily this fish washed up on shore. It was dead, but he was quite happy to open it up and have the insides for dinner.

Yesterday I noticed he was moving his muscle and his wing looks more upright, so maybe it will heal, sure hope so. He is a young sea gull, and today he also ran and flapped it a bit when Bean decided to go check him out.

We also get to enjoy the sunsets at night. It is beautiful even before it sets.

And when it sets, even more vibrant.

When it got dark, we walked back to the main beach and searched a bit more and I stumbled onto this guy. No idea what it is, reminds me of a sea slug, so I will have to research it when I have more time online. We have found lots of strange things on the shore and lots of beach toys are left, so we pick those up, and will give them to the boys.

And last night we had another amazing sunset. The ferry is making it's last run to pick up passengers on the island. Tonight we had a storm coming in, so decided to come home and get things done. Between beach combing, walking in the waves and swimming, then coming home and catching up on laundry and things, I am ready to zonk out. Tomorrow will be cooler, so I think we can enjoy the camp more, be nice to go for walks and not have to be so hot. I hope you are all having a good week. I will post again after we get back with more on our trip.


Kigwit said...

I think your sea slug may be a Portuguese man o'war. Be wary of the tentacles-they are very painful.

Fiona said...

those are some lovely sunsets you are being treated to..... a bit of a pain going back home to do chores but they have to be done...

Sandi said...

What a lovely looking young seagull despite his injury, hope he survives. I'm sure he appreciated what you did for him.

Do you think that critter might be a sea cucumber?

Nice sunset photos, hope you have a good rest of the weekend. Expecting some rain, started this evening.

Allie said...

Gee GREAT pics, Debbie - enjoy!! Lovely of you to call about Mr. Seagull....poor thing, I hope he makes it ok.

Shasta Matova said...

I too hope the seagull makes it okay. He is pretty. It is nice of you to take care of him while he recovers. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. The sunsets are so pretty!