Monday, September 10, 2018

Vacation is Over!

It makes me laugh when I use the word vacation, not sure if I would call it that, more of a get away, lol. I get less sleep, I go all day, run back and forth to take care of kitties and basically the same things I do at home, but in a trailer. I think this week is more of a vacation, at least when I recover.

Today was catching up and lots of resting, my body finally gave out. But, it was good to do something different in a different place, it makes you appreciate home more. For me, I remember the moments, and we had some nice ones.

The area has a lot of estuaries and lots of birds, frequent the area. We were treated to a couple of egrets who foraged and danced.

A juvenile Cormorant made me smile, he would submerge most of his body in the water to look for fish and then make the funniest movements, trying to keep it in his bill. The adults all stay on the rocks, but the young ones are not afraid of people.

And the starlings are migrating and there were thousands at the beach. We would walk in and they would be all over the beach, then take off and fly all around us, what a magical thing to experience. From the beach we could see the formations they made, as they flew around the area.

Bill snuck a photo of me, searching for glass, even Bean found a few for me, by digging up the area. A lot of seaweed comes in, which covers the pebble beds, so harder to find glass. We also had to search more in the twilight, so it was harder to see, but we got some daytime searching at the end of the week.

We met a couple who were waiting for the sunset. It reminds me, that no matter how bad things seem, at times, there are others who are going through, much more.

The clouds came in that night, but I was awed by the rays beaming through the clouds, onto the ocean.

And on the weekend, there was a charity swim.  It as just ending as we got there.

And after the sunsets, we walked along the beach for a bit. We found lots of beach toys and even found a nice chair, I guess people don't want to take them home after vacation. And of course, before the last light, we admired the castles along the shoreline, before the last of the tide, swept them out to sea.

And of course, my favorite activity is glass hunting. We found a bit of glass, pottery bits, brick pieces that will be used for roofs and houses and I got a couple of large shells, to try some paintings on. I have been finding ideas to use with the glass, so will be trying those soon and I think it is time for a giveaway, so look forward to that, maybe a beach glass ornament.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and prayers for those in the hurricane's path.


The Eveningstitcher said...

Oh I love your glass pieces, Deb!! Sounds like your vacations are kind of like, work, work!! But at least its away from home. We're going on a little excursion this weekend to my husband's friends cottage....and found out that we women have to cook...BLAH!!!! No fun!! I'm really nervous about this hurricaine....sounds like a monster from a Steven King novel! My son and his little family live in Charleston and they are not leaving...praying for all that could and wil be affected....have a good week and rest up!!

linda said...

What a different but fun vacation. I look for glass to but I never get as much as you in one trip Love your blog too. I feel a little like I have been with you thanks!

Allie said...

Maybe not a vacation, but it's really good to get out and change your view. I LOVE your pictures, especially that sunset!!

Saundra said...

Since retiring I consider everyday a weekend. When I go to rug camps, which could be called a 'vacation' I just call it rug camp otherwise I'd be going to 3 vacations each year.

Fiona said...

That's a good haul of glass and some lovely pictures of your time away.... it's true sometimes when we are away we seem to do more and get overtired!

PaulaB quilts said...

What a nice vacation, which is anytime we can get away from busy daily lives, even a few hours. That’s a great haul. Several two to be rocks, brown or grey and black. So many hearts and even some blue glass. Decorating the shells is a nice idea. I’m up for any giveaway!

moosecraft said...

Nice haul of sea glass and treasures! A vacation (to me) is just time away from the regular routine....kinda resets the brain a bit. Lucky you got to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air! Sometimes the best things in life are also the simplest. :-)

Karen said...

Interesting picture of the shapes in the sand. Wonder what the person used to get those shapes. Good that you got away. I miss camping. Haven't done it in many, many years.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Such gorgeous sunsets! Glad you had a nice get away, but it's always good to get back home and back to the normal routine.