Friday, May 26, 2017

WIP and the last week with Nick!

This is been the hardest week, my energy level was dwindling and Nick was not being cooperative with quiet and nap times. I got a little stitching done, a piece I am making for myself. It is called Summer Sun by Kathy Schmitz. One of the patterns I got with my winnings. I got the full set so I can make one for each season.

I am doing it in multi colors but keeping it simple, 3 shades of green mixed with black, red, yellow and maybe blue birds. I will use brown for the posts, so most of the colors will be duller, but a pop of color, here and there.

We had more rain than sun this week, which didn't make it easy, but we were able to get out a bit when the rain stopped. Nick loves his new squirt gun and Bean loves it too.

The jacuzzi is covered by a tent house, so we got some fun in the "Pool". I bought the raft, last year so it was perfect for some play in the water.

Yesterday we tried crafting. Nick doesn't have a lot of patience but he loved cutting paper. The kid's scissors were too large for his hands, so I let him use my paper cutter, he loved using that.

We made a mosaic fish. I printed out the fish on card stock and cut it out for him. Then we glued on scraps of paper and a googly eye. It is such a joy to see his joy at creating something.

Today was another busy day, I needed to clean, so I do clean areas that won't get dirty again and then finish when they leave. Nick wanted to help, and he loves using the battery vacuum, he actually cleaned enough to empty two times, quite the helper.

 We also had some target practice. I printed out some turkeys and set them on a few boxes and Nick got to shoot them off with her nerf gun, he loved that. The problem was, Bean always wanted to play and kept grabbing them and chewing them up, so we gave up on that idea.

So, that was my exciting week. Now back to trying to get caught up and working on my projects, especially my painting class. I have been watching the videos and will finish the small one and do the actual class with the larger one and hopefully do a nicer job. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.


Fiona said...

you are coming up with some great ideas to keep Nick occupied... I did laugh at the turkey shooting and bean eating them up! Glad you got a little bit of stitching in too!

Karen said...

I saw the video of Nick with the vacuum cleaner hose. Teach them young!

kelley said...

you get the excellent grammy of the week award...I'm tied just reading about all your activities...I never napped either when I was young...making up for it now...

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Debbie I love that pattern - you spent your winnings wisely! Love all the creative ways you keep Nick busy - they can sure wear you out at that age, can't they? I love seeing how Nick and Bean are best buds.

acorn hollow said...

What fun you are having with him. You will miss him when his mom comes home.
love your stitching as always

Sandi said...

Congrats on getting thri the week! Hopefully the long weekend will help you get your mojo back.

Nick does look very happy with what you kept him busy with.

Love the progress on your Kathy Schmitz piece it looks great. I've been tempted with biting some of her things.

Have fun with your painting.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love the pictures and it will be fun looking back at that time when you are not so worn out. Keeping a non-sleeper engaged for days at a time is certainly a challenge. Hope you don't over-due while making up for lost time.

cucki said...

I love the picture and it's so beautiful ..
Sending you big hugs x

Rugs and Pugs said...

Nick is going to wear you out! But, what fun making memories.
Hugs :)