Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Wanderings!

This weekend was a bit cooler and I was a bit sick, maybe a cold, but my body is dragging and I found it hard to crawl around on the rocks, so we took it easy. One more week of watching Nick and next week, mommy comes home. I think a month of full time care, is a bit much for me, not sure if I can catch up next month and I have the trip to get ready for.

We went to the lighthouse, since we can enjoy the views and walk around the main circle. The tide was just starting to go out so we took Bean down to a beach front with enough ground to play on.

The problem was, the tide was going out and the waves were coming in. Bean ran out, just as one came in and covered him.

Do you think he would learn that waves are deeper than he is high? NO..... he kept running in and getting hit with waves, this is his, not funny look. The waves next to the rocks go both ways, but at least he was not afraid so that is good if we take him out on the ocean.

We enjoyed watching the sailboats come by, this one was tacking in the wind, not sure if I would like having to sit on the side of a boat to keep it upright;)

This is more my style, nice and big. I have been on schooners, never a smaller boat and always under motor.

Today Nick was back and Dad is working at home for a few days. They are getting a new tub put in, so he has to stay and keep an eye on things. We took Nick to a discount store and found a great toy to keep him busy with, at least until the rain started. It is a pump squirt gun with a dinosaur head, easy for him to use and good exercise for his arms. I hope you all had a nice weekend. 


Allie-oops Designs said...

Bean is such a hoot! I sure hope you get enough rest for your trip hon, you want to enjoy it. I love sailing - my cousin had a 32ft sailboat, only used a motor to get away from the dock. But since I can't swim, we had a few scary moments, lol!

Karen said...

It is good that you could take care of Nick in time of need. And you know why we have children when we are younger!

cucki said...

So beautiful my dear
Love and hugs x

Sandi said...

Sorry to hear you are unwell, hope it blows over soon. Great pictures of both Nick and Bean playing with water sources! Be prepared to get wet this summer. Hope you gat one for your own protection!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Nick looks like he's loving his squirt gun!
Bean just cracks me up.

Kate said...

I love to see Bean enjoying the water so much - brings back fond memories of our two. I love sailing and have only done it without a motor and on a lake - not so sure I'd like to be on the ocean in a small sailboat. I'd be careful of Nick with that water gun - he looks mischievous.